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Nail Tech Authors Glam New Book Celebrity nail tech AmberrElizabeth Stores shares 50 0 of the hottest nail art looks ks around in her new book, "Glam m Nail Studio." Stores covers ers everything from nail health, lth, to equipment, and a variety of y nail art techniques. Learn what polishes pair best with which skin tones, secret tips for acrylics and gels, and how to get the perfect nail shape every time. Stores draws on her experience as a celebrity and editorial nail artist to cover trends from the catwalk to the coolest nail fashions on the street. Android App Allows You to Live in Color WE ARE IBD The free China Glaze app is now available for Android users. Take a photo and find the perfect nail polish match or try a color on to see how shades compare with a client's skin tone. You can even connect with China Glaze through the app by getting real-time updates of new collections, viewing nail trends, and how-to videos. Your clients can store their favorite colors and you can create a wishlist all in the palm of your hand. Q&A Q: I have a station with a couple of drawers. However, since I do regular and colored acrylics, nail polish, gel-polish, and glitters/foils, I can't seem to store everything without looking like a hoarder. How can I store all of my nail products and keep it neat and organized? A: To a certain extent, everyone is always asking for more storage, no matter how much storage they already have. To solve that, you have to be more efficient. Don't necessarily cart everything around with you. You probably drive around in a small car, not in a 20-ft. truck. Only store at the salon what you truly use. Pagan With that said, there are manicure tables available with a lot of storage, but they are usually more expensive. I've designed a manicuring table that has been quite successful. It sells for $795. It's similar to a hairstylist tower; it's 6-ft. tall and has so much storage for products and even for your purse. The client and the tech have headroom and legroom. I realize there are cost considerations with manicure tables. Hairstylists tend to recover the initial cost of their stations quickly — just a few color appointments will usually cover it. In your case, it takes longer to pay it off, but buying a more expensive table with adequate built-in storage is one way to solve this problem. — Filippo Pagan is the president of Salon Designers International ( Have a style question? (about nail art, fashion, salon decor, etc.) E-mail it to and check back here for an expert answer.

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