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4 FOOT FORWARD SUMMIT 2018 | FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS How do I go about getting a referral system set up with a podiatrist? A higher level of information is needed prior to working for or in a referral system with a podiatrist. Programs such as Nail Care Academy teach how to pursue referrals. "I put together a presentation with a cover letter to each podiatrist and my advanced training certificates, plus a menu of services and my resume," explains medical nail technician Denise Baich. "The program critiqued any content I was concerned about." To arrange referrals, visit podiatrists, MDs, or other businesses that might cross refer, and pitch your services to them. Explain that you have advanced training and provide copies of your resume and certification. "When I opened with zero clients, I spent every minute of unscheduled time calling on podiatrists, MDs, even businesses that might cross refer, and networking," says Baich. How do I know the difference between infection and inflammation? Podiatrist Dr. Bruce Pichler explained in his keynote that if skin is red, swollen, and warm to the touch, it is inflamed. An infection can only be diagnosed after a culture is taken, and nail techs cannot diagnose infections. That's why nail techs should refer clients to a doctor if there's any doubt. Is there any homecare treatment a nail tech can suggest for ingrown toenails? Although nail techs cannot diagnose ingrown toenails or infections, it is OK for them to recommend a 30 minute daily foot soak comprised of two cups of Epsom salt, one gallon of room temperature water, and half a cup of vinegar, according to Dr. Pichler. Clients can do these soaks while they wait for their podiatrist appointment. Be sure to advise clients not to try topical antibiotics such as Neosporin, as this will make any infection worse. Frequently Asked Questions From Foot Forward Summit At this year's Summit, 10 speakers shared their expertise on foot health, business strategies, and training for nail techs. These are a few of the top questions that nail techs asked at the event, with answers from our speakers. What can I work on within the scope of my license? Nail techs are certified to improve the cosmetic appearance of the foot. A nail technician's scope of practice is the same in a podiatry office as it is in a salon in each state. She is trained to recognize when a client is unable to receive a pedicure, whether to soak the client or not, what massage (or none) to perform, and refers clients to a podiatrist/physician if she sees something suspicious. Why should I do a vascular exam on clients? A simple vascular exam can reveal if a client has circulation issues. This can indicate that the client is diabetic or has other health issues, which will affect what services it's safe to perform. A simple nick can become very dangerous if a client has poor circulation. Although nail techs can't diagnose the reason for circulatory problems, they can recommend the client visit a doctor if they notice problems. To perform the exam, check the client's pulses, including those in the feet, and check capillary filling time by pressing down on the client's feet and legs. The color should return to normal within two seconds; if it takes longer, this may indicate a problem with circulation. Why should I be asking my clients if they are diabetic? Diabetes causes problems with circulation and blood flow. Diabetic clients may experience numbness in the feet, swelling, changes in temperature, and loss of sensitivity. Even a tiny cut can lead to serious infections. It's important to be aware that your client is diabetic so that you can be especially gentle and vigilant for any problems. Some treatments that would be safe for a healthy client, such as a soak, an abrasive salt or sugar scrub, or a deep massage, could be damaging for the diabetic client.

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