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50 NAILS MAGAZINE | FEBRUARY 2019 | HEALTH | healthy tech Q & A Healthy Tech: Christina Clark Christina Clark of South Bend, Ind., has learned to balance her career and family life with her health routine. Are you a healthy nail tech? We want to hear your success stories. Email to find out how you can be featured in our Healthy Tech column. Tell us a bit about yourself and your career. I'm the mom of a 12-year-old daughter and two fur children, and have been married for five years (together for 15). I have been in the salon industry since 2006. I originally got an esthetician license and went back to school for my nail tech license a few years later. I've been with my current salon for almost eight years. What are your health goals? To be healthy and fit, but still be able to enjoy food and drinks without feeling guilty. I've worked with a physical therapist for a while and he has helped me identify my goals and learn how to achieve and maintain them, which in turn has helped me keep myself in line. I feel better all around. How do you keep on track? Honestly, by thinking, "Will this make me feel crummy?" or "How much of X can I eat/have before things go south?" On top of that, if I keep to a gym routine, my body doesn't hurt and I sleep better, resulting in a better work day. Then I am able to give my guests the best of me. What further goals do you have? There's always room for improvement. What's hard is not comparing yourself to people and things you see on social media, and being happy with yourself. What has been the most difficult aspect of your healthy lifestyle? Struggling with self-control and being disciplined. When your books are jammed, it's hard to not cave and eat something quick and easy. On top of that, getting up to go to the gym is hard when you're exhausted from the days before. Sometimes you have to suck it up and go. What's your advice for other nail techs who want to embark on a healthy lifestyle? You have to start somewhere, and you have to want to do it for yourself. When you feel good, it shows in your confidence and in your work!

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