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Carly Snyr, Hamtramck, Mich. @c.a.r.mani #NTNACarly How long have you been doing nails? Six years. Why did you want to do this competition? I originally wanted to do this competition to push myself and see what I was capable of. I recently developed a crazy allergy to most nail products. So my motive has shifted a little bit. I now am focused on pushing myself to the fullest to perhaps put myself on a platform to network and learn about what other opportunities the nail world has to offer. Do you have a strategy for winning NTNA? My strategy for winning NTNA is to consider what I think the other girls may do and then do the opposite. I don't want to do the typical or the expected. What I learned from being in the semi-finals in the past is to not just do what I think is a good idea, but consider what other people might like as well. You wouldn't be caught dead without … A manicure. I don't like to have dry cuticles or unshaped nails, whether they are all painted or not. How does it feel to be in the top 12 of Nails Next Top Nail Artist Season 6? When I saw the word "Congratulations" I felt truly dumbfounded, so I chose to make that the theme of my nails. When I Googled this word, the first thing that popped up was a Keanu Reeves meme from "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure." I felt it was right to use his face to portray my loss for words. I also wanted to make my nails look like a meme. Emily Nash, Natural Impressions, Elkhart, Ind. @nailsbyem #NTNAEmily How long have you been doing nails? Seven years. Why did you want to do this competition? This year I realized I needed something new in my career. I had been working as an educator for the last three years and realized it was time for a new adventure to really challenge my artistic abilities. I loved being an educator, but I love learning and growing, and I knew this competition would do just that. What do you bring to the competition that's unique? My specialty is clean, hand-drawn art. I love bold colors and fine detailed lines. I hope to bring some unique boldness to the competition. I'm not afraid to go with my first instinct. Do you have a strategy for winning NTNA? I made it to the top 18 in Season 3, so I've been studying this competition since the beginning. My strategy for this year is not to over-think the challenges. I feel like when you read too much into the challenge, you can miss the point. My other strategy is working on my video editing skills and making sure I have fun. I know it will be stressful, but staying positive will help me get through it. Who would you most like to meet within this industry? I have always wanted to meet and learn from Kirsty Meakin! She is an amazing nail artist and teacher. Jenna Jupin, Jennails, Odense, Denmark #NTNAJenna How long have you been doing nails? Three years. Why did you want to do this competition? To challenge myself as an artist and to explore and invent new techniques and nail art. Do you have a strategy for winning NTNA? This is my third go at NTNA. My strategy this year is to plan well and not do bigger projects than there's time for. If you make it to the Top 3, you will in Orlando. Relax. You wouldn't be caught dead without … My SolarOil. | FEBRUARY 2019 | NAILS MAGAZINE 55

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