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Page 114 of 135 | FEBRUARY 2019 | NAILS MAGAZINE 57 Melisa Salazar, Artisan Nail Studio, Boca Raton, Fla. @artisannailstudio #NTNAMelisa How long have you been doing nails? One year. Why did you want to do this competition? I wanted to challenge myself and learn from the best. All the previous participants did such beautiful work. Hopefully I can represent all the sponsors professionally and show how their products can be used to create anything. Do you have a strategy for winning NTNA? To stay true to myself and create unique designs. I do not want to copy other NTNA finalists, but instead learn and study their techniques and utilize what works best for me. If you make it to the Top 3, you will in Orlando. Celebrate with my friends and ask for selfies When you're not doing nails, you're … Making sure everything is operating smoothly at my salon from top to bottom. Nixxi Rose, Southampton, England #NTNANixxi How long have you been doing nails? One year. Who is your nail icon? There are so many fantastic nail artists that I have been introduced to via the power of social media, but Kirsty Meakin will always be my number one. Before I trained as a nail technician I was going through a pretty rough time in my life. Kirsty's YouTube tutorials are what gave me my mojo back and set me on the path to where I am today. I bought myself an acrylic starter kit and followed her tutorials day-in day-out, until I felt confident enough to book my official training — and the rest is history. Without that push I may never have trained in nails. I hope one day I will get the chance to meet Kirsty and give her my most sincere and heartfelt thanks. Why did you want to do this competition? I wanted to do this competition because the artwork in previous years has been outstanding and so entertaining to follow and I was curious to see how I would fare pitted against such talented professionals. I kept telling myself I would apply "one day," then it occurred to me that I had absolutely nothing to lose by trying. Through all the "one days" and "maybes" there came a tiny little "what if?" and I am so pleased I listened to it. You would not be caught dead without… Nails! I would rather leave my house without eyebrows than without my nails. When you're not doing nails, you're… Going for a hot chocolate down at my local beach or hosting gin and Lego evenings with my sisters, or at the pub with my friends. My pets take up a lot of my time, but they are my absolute pride and joy. I have Sybil and Elphaba (and their daughter Grotbags), my three giant albino snails. Ichabod and Tituba are my White's tree frogs and Ambrose and Hecate are my European green toads. Stella Sampson, Stelove, Athens, Greece @nailart.stella #NTNAStella How long have you been doing nails? Four years. What do you bring to the competition that's unique? Apart from my love for detailed work, I try to have an innovative approach with fresh ideas, working to incorporate as many nail techniques as possible in each challenge. Do you have a strategy for winning NTNA? I wouldn't exactly say that I have a specific strategy other than studying all the details at the beginning of each challenge and trying to organize my time to meet the deadline. When you're not doing nails, you're … Bored! I am a chemical engineer in the cosmetics industry and my favorite part is mixing colors to create new shades of products. N

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