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Page 118 of 135 | FEBRUARY 2019 | NAILS MAGAZINE 61 The great thing about nails is that they can be constantly changed and updated, so don't feel too locked into specific styles or trends. "Encourage clients to experiment, especially with color, which is more accessible than ever," says Weiss-Fischmann. "Nails are the most expressive fashion accessory we have," says Arnold, "and it's great to see they are being celebrated and elevated." N IRIDESCENT AND PEARLESCENT SHADES For clients who don't go for nail art, iridescent and pearlescent shades will be the new neutral in 2019. "They're an echo to the halo and aura chrome trends of 2017 and 2018, and they've been on the cusp of popularity for the past few years," notes Gregory. Pearlescent shades can also be a great way to give your nails a healthy glow. Weiss-Fischmann says, "Next year, expect to see pastel shades in lavender, baby blue, and white — not just any white, but hues featuring micas and pearl finishes." When your clients are ready to toe the waters of nail art, Gracie J recommends iridescent base colors with minimal geometric designs. It gives the manicure a little extra something without being too over the top. CUSTOMIZATION Customization has been a huge trend in the beauty industry of late, and we expect that to carry over into nails this year. "Today, we have high-tech solutions and greater intelligence for every client situation," Arnold says. "This means analyzing client need and customizing a plan that works for the client's nail and skin type, lifestyle, fashion preference, and time requirements." The personalization trend is not just for product type. "The trendiest techs will be giving clients a true custom experience with blended, layered shades and effects that make their service completely one of a kind," says Gregory. Clients will appreciate the one-of-a-kind approach, as they want to feel that their beauty products and services are working for them, not the other way around. Take the time to address their needs and you'll have a loyal client for life. Nails by Gracie J @theeditorialnail Nails by Fariha Ali @nailjob Nails by Sarah Waite @chalkboardnails Nails by Eichi Matsunaga for Morgan Taylor Nails by Chelsea King @chelseaqueen Nails by Rosa Vargas @nailsbyrosavargas

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