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22 NAILS MAGAZINE | FEBRUARY 2019 | Q & A HAVE A TECHNIQUE QUESTION? (about product application, troubleshooting, etc.) E-mail it to and check back here for an expert answer. Q How should I take care of my nail art brushes so they last? A First, invest in a protective storage system for your brushes. Many brushes are sold with matching caps, or at least shipped with small protective plastic tubes over the bristles. Make sure you hold on to these! In addition, store your brushes in a dedicated brush case or implement box, as this can stop the bristles from getting bent amongst your other supplies. When cleaning your brushes, saturate a lint-free wipe with cleanser (alcohol for gel products, or acetone for regular nail lacquer), and then use it to gently wipe the bristles of the brush using a soft pinch. Alternatively, you can also wipe or roll the brush along the surface of the lint-free square. Repeat until the brush is clean. Always take your time, and avoid pressing down on the brushes vertically, as this can cause them to splay from the ferrule. Clean your brushes immediately after you are done using them, and before storing again. — Sarah Waite, Phoenix @chalkboardnails Use Gelish's Art Form Gel to Create Detailed Art Gelish's Art Form 2-D Technology makes it easy to create defined art with perfect opacity. The gel has no wrinkling, no marbling, and no inhibition layer. It's potted in no- tip packaging that is easy to grip, ensuring no frustrating spills or product waste. The jar also includes a custom brush wiper insert that helps control product pick up for the most precise application. Launching with 24 pigment-intense shades ranging from primary to pastel and neon to glitter, Art Form gels are completely opaque and perfect for everything from line work to background shading. The Art Form colors can be blended together to create custom shades. For more information, visit www. pro Change the Way You Shake! PROFESSIONAL GEL-POLISH SHAKER • Rotates over 500 RPM (revolutions per minute) • Automatic 60 seconds per cycle • Smooth and quiet operation • 110 - 240 Volts AC universal power • Simple and safe mechanism to secure the bottle in place • Ergonomic and space saving design • Zinc die-cast for maximum stability • Works with most bottle shapes, brands or types • Reduces time taken to complete mani-pedis • Eliminates shrinkage and streaking due to poor mixing By rotating in a side to side and up and down motion, ProShaker produces an even consistency of the gel without introducing bubbles DEA L E R E N QUI R IE S WE L C M E Includes shipping within the continental U.S. $ 139 99 Patented Still Available

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