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GEL COLOR C = Crème I F = Frosted I P = Pearl I S = Shimmer ONE CHIC CHICK (C) 22007025373 GC T73 I JUST CAN'T COPE-ACABANA (C) 22007025165 GC A65 EXOTIC BIRDS DO NOT TWEET (C) 22777816391 GC F91 NEVER A DULLES MOMENT (C) 22007025356 GC W56 YOU'VE GOT NATA ON ME (C) 22800014117 GC L17 SUN, SEA AND SAND IN MY PANTS (C) 22800014123 GC L23 NO TAN LINES (C) 22777816390 GC F90 CRAWFISHIN' FOR A COMPLIMENT (C) 22007025158 GC N58 WORTH A PRETTY PENNE (S) 22007025227 GC V27 COSMO-NOT TONIGHT HONEY! (P) 22007025258 GC R58 HUMIDI-TEA (S) 22007025252 GC N52 A GREAT OPERA-TUNITY (C) 22007025225 GC V25 FREEDOM OF PEACH (C) 22007025359 GC W59 I'LL HAVE A GIN & TECTONIC (C) 22650022561 GC I61 MY SOLAR CLOCK IS TICKING (C) 22500095138 GCP38 YANK MY DOODLE (C) 22007025358 GC W58 LIVING ON THE BULA-VARD! (C) 22777816381 GC F81 A RED-VIVAL CITY (C) 22800014122 GC L22 NOW MUSEUM, NOW YOU DON'T (MT) 22800014121 GC L21 WE SEAFOOD AND EAT IT (C) 22800014120 GC L20 A GOOD MAN-DARIN IS HARD TO FIND (C) 22007025147 GC H47 ALOHA FROM OPI (C) 22007025270 GC H70 LIVE. LOVE. CARNAVAL (C) 22007025169 GC A69 TOUCAN DO IT IF YOU TRY (C) 22007025167 GC A67 GO WITH THE LAVA FLOW (S) 22007025269 GC H69 I EAT MAINELY LOBSTER (S) 22007025130 GC T30 GOT MYSELF INTO A JAM-BALAYA (C) 22007025157 GC N57 available in both 15 mL and 7.5 mL sizes

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