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GEL COLOR C = Crème I F = Frosted I P = Pearl I S = Shimmer COCA-COLA® RED (C) 22550260113 GCC13 MY CHIHUAHUA BITES (C) 22007025121 GC M21 OPI ON COLLINS AVE. (C) 22007025276 GC B76 BIG APPLE RED (C) 22007025125 GC N25 CAJUN SHRIMP (C) 22007025264 GC L64 DUTCH TULIPS (C) 22007025260 GC L60 SHE'S A BAD MUFFULETTA! (C) 22007025256 GC N56 GIMME A LIDO KISS (S) 22007025230 GC V30 RED HOT RIO (C) 22007025170 GC A70 COLOR SO HOT IT BERNS (C) 22007025213 GC Z13 THE THRILL OF BRAZIL (C) 22007025216 GC A16 AMORE AT THE GRAND CANAL (C) 22007025229 GC V29 I'M NOT REALLY A WAITRESS (P) 22007025108 GC H08 MALAGA WINE (C) 22007025287 GC L87 OPI RED (P) 22007025472 GC L72 PINK FLAMENCO (C) 22007025244 GC E44 MIAMI BEET (C) 22007025178 GC B78 OPI BY POPULAR VOTE (C) 22007025363 GC W63 SPARE ME A FRENCH QUARTER? (C) 22007025155 GC N55 MADAM PRESIDENT (C) 22007025262 GC W62 CHICK FLICK CHERRY (C) 22007025302 GC H02 GOT THE BLUES FOR RED (C) 22007025352 GC W52 WE THE FEMALE (C) 22550260164 GC W64 BOGOTÁ BLACKBERRY (P) 22007025152 GC F52 JUST LANAI-ING AROUND (C) 22007025372 GC H72 POMPEII PURPLE (P) 22007025109 GC C09 I LOVE YOU JUST BE-CUSCO (C) 22500095139 GCP39 COMO SE LLAMA? (C) 22500095140 GCP40 available in both 15 mL and 7.5 mL sizes

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