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GEL COLOR C = Crème I P = Pearl I S = Shimmer I SH = Sheer GETTING NADI ON MY HONEYMOON (C) 22777816382 GC F82 MOD ABOUT YOU (C) 22007025156 GC B56 MOD ABOUT YOU (PASTEL) (C) 22007025106 GC 106 SUZI SHOPS & ISLAND HOPS (C) 22007025171 GC H71 COZU-MELTED IN THE SUN (P) 22007025127 GC M27 LIMA TELL YOU ABOUT THIS COLOR! (C) 22500095130 GCP30 SUZI NAILS NEW ORLEANS (C) 22007025153 GC N53 TAGUS IN THAT SELFIE! (C) 22800014118 GCL18 PRINCESSES RULE! (SH/S) 22007025444 GC R44 SHORTS STORY (C) 22007025186 GC B86 NO TURNING BACK FROM PINK STREET (C) 22800014119 GC L19 TWO-TIMING THE ZONES (C) 22777816380 GC F80 AURORA BERRY-ALIS (C) 22650022564 GCI64 HOTTER THAN YOU PINK (C) 22007025136 GC N36 KISS ME I'M BRAZILIAN (C) 22007025168 GC A68 STRAWBERRY MARGARITA (C) 22007025223 GC M23 SUZI WILL QUECHUA LATER! (C) 22750134131 GCP31 SEVEN WONDERS OF OPI (C) 22500095132 GCP32 DON'T TOOT MY FLUTE (C) 22500095134 GCP34 GRANDMA KISSED A GAUCHO (C) 22500095135 GCP35 DO YOU LILAC IT? (C) 22007025129 GC B29 POLLY WANT A LACQUER? (C) 22777816383 GC F83 ONE HECKLA OF A COLOR! (C) 22650022562 GC I62 PURPLE PALAZZO PANTS (C) 22007025234 GC V34 SHOW US YOUR TIPS! (S) 22007025162 GC N62 YOU'RE SUCH A BUDAPEST (C) 22007025274 GC E74 DO YOU LILAC IT? (PASTEL) (C) 22007025102 GC 102 I MANICURE FOR BEADS (C) 22007025154 GC N54 available in both 15 mL and 7.5 mL sizes

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