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GEL COLOR C = Crème I S = Shimmer I CAN NEVER HUT UP (S) 22777816386 GC F86 CHECK OUT THE OLD GEYSIRS (S) 22650022560 GC I60 I AM WHAT I AMETHYST (C) 22007025376 GC T76 HELLO HAWAII YA? (C) 22007025273 GCH73 DON'T BOSSA NOVA ME AROUND (C) 22007025160 GC A60 TAUPE-LESS BEACH (C) 22007025161 GC A61 TURN ON THE NORTHERN LIGHTS! (S) 22650022557 GC I57 DO YOU HAVE THIS COLOR IN STOCK-HOLM? (C) 22007025247 GC N47 RICH GIRLS & PO-BOYS (C) 22007025361 GC N61 TILE ART TO WARM YOUR HEART (C) 22800014126 GC L25 OPI… EURSO EURO (C) 22007025272 GC E72 SUPER TROP-I-CAL-I-FIJI-ISTIC (C) 22777816387 GC F87 IT'S A BOY! (C) 22007025475 GC T75 SUZI WITHOUT A PADDLE (C) 22777816388 GC F88 CAN'T FIND MY CZECH-BOOK (PASTEL) (C) 22007025101 GC 101 DO YOU SEA WHAT I SEA? (S) 22777816384 GC F84 GELATO ON MY MIND (C) 22007025233 GC V33 CLOSER THAN YOU MIGHT BELÉM (C) 22800014124 GC L24 CAN'T FIND MY CZECHBOOK (C) 22007025275 GC E75 NO ROOM FOR THE BLUES (C) 22007025183 GC B83 THAT'S HULA-RIOUS! (C) 22007025265 GC H65 THIS ISN'T GREENLAND (C) 22650022558 GC I58 ICELANDED A BOTTLE OF OPI (C) 22650022553 GC I53 KRONA-LOGICAL ORDER (C) 22650022555 GC I55 I'M SOOO SWAMPED! (C) 22007025360 GC N60 STAY OFF THE LAWN!! (C) 22007025354 GC W54 SUZI - THE FIRST LADY OF NAILS (C) 22007025355 GC W55 THIS COLOR'S MAKING WAVES (S) 22007025374 GC H74 available in both 15 mL and 7.5 mL sizes

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