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GEL COLOR C = Crème I S = Shimmer I G = Glitter ALPACA MY BAGS (C) 22500095133 GCP33 AMAZON… AMAZOFF (C) 22007025164 GC A64 IS THAT A SPEAR IN YOUR POCKET? (C) 22777816385 GC F85 MY DOGSLED IS A HYBRID (C) 22007025145 GC N45 CIA=COLOR IS AWESOME (C) 22007025253 GC W53 THAT'S WHAT FRIENDS ARE THOR (C) 22650022554 GC I54 YOU DON'T KNOW JACQUES! (C) 22007025215 GC F15 DS PEWTER (G) 22007025205 GC G05 LINCOLN PARK AFTER DARK (C) 22007025342 GC W42 SQUEAKER OF THE HOUSE (C) 22007025460 GC W60 MY PRIVATE JET (S) 22007025159 GC B59 BLACK CHERRY CHUTNEY (S) 22007025142 GC I43 YES MY CONDOR CAN-DO!(C) 22500095141 GCP41 OPI INK. (S) 22007025261 GC B61 RUSSIAN NAVY (S) 22007025254 GC R54 SHH...IT'S TOP SECRET! (C) 22007025561 GC W61 O SUZI MIO (C) 22007025235 GC V35 LESS IS NORSE (C) 22650022559 GC I59 SUZI & THE ARCTIC FOX (C) 22650022556 GC I56 HOW GREAT IS YOUR DANE? (C) 22007025344 GCN44 BLACK ONYX (C)* 22007025202 GC T02 *Lady in Black (EU markets) available in both 15 mL and 7.5 mL sizes

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