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INFINITE SHINE C = Crème I P = Pearl I S = Shimmer I SH = Sheer I M T= Metallic KYOTO PEARL (P) 22888070103 ISL L03 PEARL OF WISDOM (P) 22995285034 IS L34 ALPINE SNOW (C) 22777754100 ISL L00 FUNNY BUNNY (SH) 22777754122 ISL H22 SUZI CHASES PORTU-GEESE (C) 22500000126 ISL L26 BEYOND THE PALE PINK (C) 22995285035 IS L35 MIMOSAS FOR MR. & MRS. (SH) 22550279141 ISL R41 BUBBLE BATH (SH) 22777754186 ISL S86 MADE IT TO THE SEVENTH HILL! (MT) 22500000115 ISL L15 LIBSON WANTS MOOR OPI (C) 22500000116 ISL L16 THE BEIGE OF REASON (C) 22995285031 IS L31 PRETTY PINK PERSEVERES (C) 22000323001 IS L01 TIRAMISU FOR TWO (C) 22006697128 ISL V28 HALF PAST NUDE (C) 22994255167 IS L67 YOU'RE BLUSHING AGAIN (C) 22995285046 IS L46 YOU'VE GOT NATA ON ME (C) 22500000117 ISL L17 SWEET HEART (C) 22006697196 ISL S96 PASSION (SH) 22777754119 ISL H19 HUMIDI-TEA (SH) 22888070152 ISL N52 SAMOAN SAND (SH) 22777754361 ISL P61 YOU CAN COUNT ON IT (C) 22000323030 IS L30 DULCE DE LECHE (C) 22777754115 ISL A15 BAREFOOT IN BARCELONA (C) 22006697141 ISL E41 I'LL HAVE A GIN & TECTONIC (C) 22550172361 ISL I61 COCONUTS OVER OPI (C) 22006699289 ISL F89 TANACIOUS SPIRIT (C) 22000323022 IS L22 COSMO-NOT TONIGHT HONEY (P) 22006697158 ISL R58 IT NEVER ENDS (C) 22000323029 IS L29

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