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INFINITE SHINE C = Crème I S = Shimmer I M T= Metallic EXOTIC BIRDS DO NOT TWEET (C) 22006699291 ISL F91 SUN, SEA AND SAND IN MY PANTS (C) 22500000123 ISL L23 NO TAN LINES (C) 22006699290 ISL F90 CRAWFISHIN' FOR A COMPLIMENT (C) 22888070158 ISL N58 TOUCAN DO IT IF YOU TRY (C) 22550279167 ISL A67 MY ADDRESS IS "HOLLYWOOD" (S) 22777754131 ISL T31 LIVING ON THE BULA-VARD! (C) 22006699281 ISL F81 NOW MUSEUM, NOW YOU DON'T (MT) 22500319121 ISL L21 GOT MYSELF INTO A JAM-BALAYA (C) 22006697157 ISL N57 LIVE.LOVE. CARNAVAL (C) 22006697169 ISL A69 IN FAMILIAR TERRA-TORY (C) 22994255165 IS L65 ALOHA FROM OPI (C) 22550279170 ISL H70 A RED-VIVAL CITY (C) 22500000122 ISL L22 WE SEAFOOD AND EAT IT (C) 22500000120 ISL L20 CAJUN SHRIMP (C) 22777754164 ISL L64 SHE WENT ON AND ON AND ON (C) 22000323003 IS L03 SHE'S A BAD MUFFULETTA! (C) 22777754156 ISL N56 UNREPRENTANTLY RED (C) 22000323008 IS L08 COCA-COLA® RED (C) 22550419113 ISL C13 UNEQUIVOCALLY CRIMSON (C) 22000323009 IS L09 COLOR SO HOT IT BERNS (C) 22888070113 ISL Z13 BIG APPLE RED (C) 22777754125 ISL N25 MY SOLAR CLOCK IS TICKING (C) 22500096138 ISLP38 I LOVE YOU JUST BE-CUSCO (C) 22500096139 ISLP39 OPI BY POPULAR VOTE (C) 22006697363 ISL W63 RELENTLESSLY RUBY (C) 22000323010 IS L10 OPI RED (C) 22006697172 ISL L72 THE THRILL OF BRAZIL (C) 22006697216 ISL A16

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