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INFINITE SHINE C = Crème I P = Pearl I S = Shimmer REYKJAVIK HAS ALL THE HOT SPOTS (S) 22550172363 ISL I63 NOT SO BORA- BORA-ING PINK (P) 22888070145 ISL S45 DEFY EXPLANATION (C) 22995285059 IS L59 MIAMI BEET (C) 22777754187 ISL B78 CAN'T BE BEET! (C) 22000323013 IS L13 AN AFFAIR IN RED SQUARE (P) 22777754153 ISL R53 MALAGA WINE (C) 22777754287 ISL L87 BOGOTÁ BLACKBERRY (P) 22006697252 ISL F52 WE THE FEMALE (C) 22777754264 ISL W64 I'M NOT REALLY A WAITRESS (P) 22777754108 ISL H08 GOT THE BLUES FOR RED (C) 22006697352 ISL W52 RAISIN' THE BAR (C) 22000323014 IS L14 BERRY ON FOREVER (C) 22995285060 IS L60 IN THE CABLE CAR- POOL LANE (C) 22888070162 ISL F62 STICK TO YOUR BURGUNDIES (C) 22995285054 IS L54 VAMPSTERDAM (P) 22777754163 ISL H63 SPARE ME A FRENCH QUARTER? (C) 22888070155 ISL N55 FLASHBULB FUCHSIA (C) 22888070131 ISL B31 LUCKY LUCKY LAVENDER (C) 22006697148 ISL H48 GRAPELY ADMIRED (C) 22000323012 IS L12 SEVEN WONDERS OF OPI (C) 22500096132 ISLP32 ONE HECKLA OF A COLOR! (C) 22550172362 ISL I62 DO YOU LILAC IT? (C) 22006697129 ISL B29 GRANDMA KISSED A GAUCHO (C) 22500096135 ISLP35 DON'T TOOT MY FLUTE (C) 22500096134 ISLP34 POLLY WANT A LACQUER? (C) 22006699283 ISL F83 YOU'RE SUCH A BUDAPEST (C) 22006697174 ISL E74 SHOW US YOUR TIPS! (C) 22888070262 ISL N62

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