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INFINITE SHINE C = Crème I S = Shimmer I SH = Sheer TO BE CONTINUED... (C) 22995285040 IS L40 REACH FOR THE SKY (C) 22994255168 IS L68 CHECK OUT THE OLD GEYSIRS (S) 22550172360 ISL I60 CAN'T FIND MY CZECHBOOK (C) 22006697175 ISL E75 IT'S A BOY! (C) 22888070175 ISL T75 SUZI WITHOUT A PADDLE (C) 22006699288 ISL F88 TO INFINITY AND BLUE-YOND (C) 22000323018 IS L18 GELATO ON MY MIND (C) 22550279133 ISL V33 TEAL THE COWS COME HOME (SH) 22550279254 ISL B54 SUPER TROP-I-CAL-I-FIJI-ISTIC (C) 22006699287 ISL F87 DO YOU SEA WHAT I SEA? (S) 22006699284 ISL F84 TILE ART TO WARM YOUR HEART (C) 22500000125 ISL L25 THAT'S HULA-RIOUS! (C) 22006697165 ISL H65 WITHSTANDS THE TEST OF THYME (C) 22000323019 ISL L19 CLOSER THAN YOU MIGHT BELÉM (C) 22500000124 ISL L24 IS THAT A SPEAR IN YOUR POCKET? (C) 22006699285 ISL F85 THIS ISN'T GREENLAND (C) 22550172358 ISL I58 OLIVE FOR GREEN (C) 22994255164 ISL L64 SUZI-THE FIRST LADY OF NAILS (C) 22006697155 ISL W55 ALPACA MY BAGS (C) 619828139740 ISLP33 SILVER ON ICE (S) 22995285048 ISL L48 I CAN NEVER HUT UP (S) 22006699286 ISL F86 CIA=COLOR IS AWESOME (C) 22777754253 ISL W53 TURN ON THE NORTHERN LIGHTS! (S) 22550172357 ISL I57 STEEL WATERS RUN DEEP (C) 22000323027 ISL 27 THE LATEST AND SLATEST (C) 22005901178 ISL 78 MY PRIVATE JET (S) 22777754159 ISL B59 STRONG COALITION (C) 22000323026 ISL 26

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