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INFINITE SHINE C = Crème I S = Shimmer I SH = Sheer I P = Pearl MACHU PEACH-U (C) 22500096136 ISLP36 WORTH A PRETTY PENNE (SH) 22888070227 ISL V27 SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW MOUNTAINS (C) 22500096137 ISLP37 CHICAGO CHAMPAGNE TOAST (P) 22006697263 ISL S63 COZU-MELTED IN THE SUN (P) 22888070127 ISL M27 CHOCOLATE MOOSE (C) 22888070189 ISL C89 YANK MY DOODLE (C) 22888070258 ISL W58 COMO SE LLAMA? (C) 22500096140 ISLP40 DON'T BOSSA NOVA ME AROUND (C) 22888070160 ISL A60 TICKLE MY FRANCE-Y (C) 22777754116 ISL F16 YOU SUSTAIN ME (C) 22995285057 IS L57 LINGER OVER COFFEE (C) 22995285053 IS L53 TAUPE-LESS BEACH (C) 22777754161 ISL A61 STAYING NEUTRAL (C) 22000323028 IS L28 ICELANDED A BOTTLE OF OPI (C) 22550172353 ISL I53 BERLIN THERE DONE THAT (C) 22006697113 ISL G13 YOU DON'T KNOW JACQUES! (C) 22777754215 ISL F15 SET IN STONE (C) 22000323024 IS L24 THAT'S WHAT FRIENDS ARE THOR (C) 22550172354 ISL I54 YES MY CONDOR CAN-DO! (C) 22500096141 ISLP41 KRONA-LOGICAL ORDER (C) 22550172355 ISL I55 SHH... IT'S TOP SECRET! (C) 22006697261 ISL W61 LINCOLN PARK AFTER DARK (C) 22777754142 ISL W42 RUSSIAN NAVY (S) 22777754154 ISL R54 O SUZI MIO (C) 22888070135 ISL V35 LESS IS NORSE (C) 22550172359 ISL I59 SUZI & THE ARCTIC FOX (C) 22550172356 ISL I56 BLACK ONYX (C)* 22777754102 ISL T02 *Lady in Black (EU markets)

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