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NAIL LACQUER C = Crème I S = Shimmer I SH = Sheer I P = Pearl HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! (S) 22001014006 NL A36 ALPINE SNOW (C) 22001014060 NL L00 FUNNY BUNNY (SH) 22001014106 NL H22 SUZI CHASES PORTU-GEESE (C) 22500004126 NL L26 I CANNOLI WEAR OPI (C) 22995154032 NL V32 KYOTO PEARL (P) 22001014061 NL L03 IT'S IN THE CLOUD (C) 22994257071 NL T71 BE THERE IN A PROSECCO (C ) 22995154031 NL V31 MY VAMPIRE IS BUFF (C) 22002184003 NL E82 MIMOSAS FOR MR. & MRS. (SH) 22001014073 NL R41 BUBBLE BATH (SH) 22001014085 NL S86 TIRAMISU FOR TWO (C) 22995154028 NL V28 LET ME BAYOU A DRINK (P) 22994150051 NL N51 MY VERY FIRST KNOCKWURST (C) 22001246008 NL G20 SAMOAN SAND (SH) 22001014071 NL P61 PALE TO THE CHIEF (C) 22997103157 NL W57 SWEET HEART (SH) 22001014087 NL S96 STOP IT I'M BLUSHING! (C) 22994257074 NL T74 DO YOU TAKE LEI AWAY? (C) 22000354867 NL H67 PUT IT IN NEUTRAL (C) 22995100265 NL T65 CONEY ISLAND COTTON CANDY (SH) 22001014161 NL L12 PASSION (SH) 22001014054 NL H19 LISBON WANTS MOOR OPI (C) 22500004116 NL L16 IT'S A GIRL! (SH) 22001014001 NL H39 SUZI SHOPS & ISLAND HOPS (C) 22000354871 NL H71 MOD ABOUT YOU (C) 22001014014 NL B56 PINK-ING OF YOU (SH) 22001014087 NL S95 LIMA TELL YOU ABOUT THIS COLOR! (C) 22500090130 NL P30 N A I L L ACQ U E R

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