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NAIL LACQUER C = Crème I S = Shimmer I P = Pearl GOT MYSELF INTO A JAM-BALAYA (C) 22994150057 NL N57 LIVE.LOVE. CARNAVAL (C) 22002576004 NL A69 I EAT MAINELY LOBSTER (S) 22001014147 NL T30 A RED-VIVAL CITY (C) 22500004122 NL L22 MY ADDRESS IS "HOLLYWOOD" (C) 22001014272 NL T31 ALOHA FROM OPI (C) 22000354870 NL H70 OPI ON COLLINS AVE. (C) 22001014119 NL B76 GO WITH THE LAVA FLOW (S) 22000354869 NL H69 HOT & SPICY (C) 22001014056 NL H43 LIVING ON THE BULA-VARD! (C) 22006698181 NL F81 A GOOD MAN-DARIN IS HARD TO FIND (C) 22001014121 NL H47 MY CHIHUAHUA BITES! (C) 22001014066 NL M21 CALIFORNIA RASPBERRY (P) 22001014163 NL L54 OPI RED (P) 22001014064 NL L72 COLOR SO HOT IT BERNS (C) 22001014166 NL Z13 CAJUN SHRIMP (C) 22001014063 NL L64 NOW MUSEUM, NOW YOU DON'T (C) 22500004121 NL L21 COCA-COLA RED®(C) 22000126113 NL C13 GIMME A LIDO KISS (S) 22995154030 NL V30 BIG APPLE RED (C) 22001014069 NL N25 THE THRILL OF BRAZIL (C) 22001014003 NL A16 RED HOT RIO (C) 22002576001 NL A70 CHICK FLICK CHERRY (C) 22001014051 NL H02 AMORE AT THE GRAND CANAL (C) 22995154029 NL V29 I'M NOT REALLY A WAITRESS (P) 22001014052 NL H08 COMO SE LLAMA? (C) 22500090140 NL P40 AN AFFAIR IN RED SQUARE (P) 22001014075 NL R53 GOT THE BLUES FOR RED (C) 22001014117 NL W52

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