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NAIL LACQUER C = Crème I S = Shimmer I P = Pearl I M T= Metallic CRAWFISHIN' FOR A COMPLIMENT (C) 22994150058 NL N58 A GREAT OPERA-TUNITY (C) 22995154025 NL V25 NO TAN LINES (C) 22006698190 NL F90 FREEDOM OF PEACH (C) 22997103159 NL W59 TUTTI FRUTTI TONGA (P) 22001014165 NL S48 TOUCAN DO IT IF YOU TRY (C) 22002576008 NL A67 COZU-MELTED IN THE SUN (P) 22001014253 NL M27 SEVEN WONDERS OF OPI (C) 22500090132 NL P32 COSMO-NOT TONIGHT HONEY! (P) 22001014078 NL R58 MACHU PEACH-U (C) 22500090136 NL P36 I'LL HAVE A GIN & TECTONIC (C) 22550168161 NL I61 DULCE DE LECHE (C) 22001014002 NL A15 HUMIDI-TEA (S) 22994150052 NL N52 CHOCOLATE MOOSE (C) 22001014112 NL C89 YANK MY DOODLE (C) 22997103158 NL W58 MY SOLAR CLOCK IS TICKING (C) 22500090138 NL P38 SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW MOUNTAINS (C) 22500090137 NL P37 TICKLE MY FRANCE-Y (C) 22001014042 NL F16 BAREFOOT IN BARCELONA (C) 22001014027 NL E41 CHICAGO CHAMPAGNE TOAST (P) 22001014081 NL S63 GLITZERLAND (S) 22001014103 NL Z19 WORTH A PRETTY PENNE (S) 22995154027 NL V27 MADE IT TO THE SEVENTH HILL! (MT) 22500004115 NL L15 REYKJAVIK HAS ALL THE HOT SPOTS (S) 22550168163 NL I63 COCONUTS OVER OPI (C) 22006698189 NL F89 ICELANDED A BOTTLE OF OPI (C) 22550168153 NL I53 TAUPE-LESS BEACH (C) 22002576002 NL A61 BERLIN THERE DONE THAT (C) 22001246001 NL G13

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