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POWDER PERFECTION C = Crème I S = Shimmer ONE CHIC CHICK (C) 22500024173 DPT73 NEVER A DULLES MOMENT (C) 22222332056 DPW56 EXOTIC BIRDS DO NOT TWEET (C) 22500024191 DPF91 SUN, SEA, AND SAND IN MY PANTS (C) 22650352023 DPL23 YOU'VE GOT NATA ON ME (C) 22888302017 DPL17 CRAWFISHIN' FOR A COMPLIMENT (C) 22888293158 DPN58 HUMIDI-TEA (S) 22550220252 DPN52 COZU-MELTED IN THE SUN (P) 22500365027 DPM27 A GREAT OPERA-TUNITY (C) 22500366025 DPV25 GOT MYSELF INTO A JAM-BALAYA (C) 22550220157 DPN57 IT'S A PIAZZA CAKE (C) 22500366026 DPV26 FREEDOM OF PEACH (C) 22500024159 DPW59 A GOOD MAN-DARIN IS HARD TO FIND (C) 22550220135 DPH47 ALOHA FROM OPI (C) 22500365170 DPH70 LIVE. LOVE. CARNAVAL (C) 22550220169 DPA69 MY CHIHUAHUA BITES! (C) 22550220121 DPM21 COCA-COLA® RED (C) 22500365013 DPC13 BIG APPLE RED (C) 22550220125 DPN25 CAJUN SHRIMP (C) 22550220164 DPL64 DUTCH TULIPS (C) 22550220260 DPL60 SHE'S A BAD MUFFULETTA! (C) 22550220256 DPN56 GIMME A LIDO KISS (S) 22550220230 DPV30 RED HOT RIO (C) 22500365070 DPA70 COLOR SO HOT IT BERNS (C) 22500366013 DPZ13 PINK FLAMENCO (C) 22550220244 DPE44 I'M NOT REALLY A WAITRESS (S) 22550220108 DPH08 THE THRILL OF BRAZIL (C) 22550220116 DPA16 AMORE AT THE GRAND CANAL (C) 22500366029 DPV29

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