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POWDER PERFECTION C = Crème I S = Shimmer I SH = Sheer MOD ABOUT YOU (C) 22550220156 DPB56 SUZI SHOPS & ISLAND HOPS (C) 22500365071 DPH71 TAGUS IN THAT SELFIE! (C) 22888302018 DPL18 PRINCESSES RULE! (SH/S) 22550220344 DPR44 SHORTS STORY (C) 22500365086 DPB86 TWO-TIMING THE ZONES (C) 22650197180 DPF80 KISS ME I'M BRAZILIAN (C) 22550220168 DPA68 STRAWBERRY MARGARITA (C) 22550220223 DPM23 MADAM PRESIDENT (C) 22500024162 DPW62 CHICK FLICK CHERRY (C) 22500365002 DPH02 OPI BY POPULAR VOTE (C) 22222332063 DPW63 SPARE ME A FRENCH QUARTER? (C) 22550220155 DPN55 GOT THE BLUES FOR RED (C) 22550220352 DPW52 WE THE FEMALE (C) 22550220264 DPW64 MALAGA WINE (C) 22550220187 DPL87 MIAMI BEET (C) 22550220178 DPB78 JUST LANAI-ING AROUND (C) 22500365072 DPH72 PURPLE PALAZZO PANTS (C) 22550220134 DPV34 ONE HECKLA OF A COLOR! (C) 22888293062 DPI62 I MANICURE FOR BEADS (C) 22888293154 DPN54 DON'T BOSSA NOVA ME AROUND (C) 22550220160 DPA60 I AM WHAT I AMETHYST (C) 22500366076 DPT76 DO YOU LILAC IT? (C) 22550220129 DPB29 TAUPE-LESS BEACH (C) 22550220161 DPA61 SHOW US YOUR TIPS! (S) 22550220162 DPN62 YOU'RE SUCH A BUDAPEST (C) 22550220174 DPE74 HELLO HAWAII YA? (C) 22500365073 DPH73 KRONA-LOGICAL ORDER (C) 22888293055 DPI55

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