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12 Place a manufacturer's point-ofpurchase display between the front door and the front counter. Look for ones that spin, because they invite the client to touch. August 1997, p. 26 13 Training a customer is accomplished by establishing rules. When the rule is broken, you — the trainer — need to give what is called a correction. When the rule is broken again, a tougher correction is given, such as rescheduling. February 2002, p. 88 14. If you accidentally cut a client's finger or toe, wash the area with soap and water or hydrogen peroxide. Dress with a topical antibiotic and a bandage. Instruct the client to do the same for the next three days. August 2008, p. 120 Improve Your Service Menu 16. Nail art may be nothing new on the East Coast or in California, but all points in between are discovering that nail art is profitable and fun. Nail technicians can do art as an additional service, and some have given up any other service but nail art. If you're holding out against doing nail art because it looks too difficult, think again. Training is available from many manufacturers, but there is a vast amount of product available that you can teach yourself to apply. 19. People are withdrawn and reclusive in the winter. It gets dark early and they keep to themselves and head home early. Make your salon warm, scented, inviting — an escape. November 2006, p. 82 Manage Your Own Salon May 1991, p. 38 17 Beyond the opportunity for additional income, the massage aspect of the nail service presents the ideal opportunity to transform a client's nail appointment from yet another obligation to a musthave opportunity for relaxation. February 1999, p. 84 20. Know how to destroy the finest manicure instantly? Use the wrong lighting fixtures and bulbs in your salon and you have turned off a customer faster than a slap in the face. That is the blunt warning of some of America's leading lighting experts when NAILS Magazine surveyed them about proper lighting in today's salons. Be especially cautious in selecting novelty bulb shapes and fixtures too. "They may look divine for the first day but within a few days love has turned to hate," most said. April 1987, p. 88 21 15. A little toe waxing can go a long way in terms of added revenue. The service doesn't take much time, and clients will appreciate the option of having extra smooth toes. May 2009, p. 125 134 | NAILS MAGAZINE | 18. Every piece of luxury you can offer clients puts you closer to the top. A luxurious trend in treatments is paraffin dips — for the hands or the feet. Most everyone responds to praise for a job well done. Lay it on thick and watch for whose face glows most. Give this person praise at every opportunity. July 2006, p. 61 April 1992, p. 90 >>> MARCH 2013

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