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22 Invite the local patrol car officers into your salon. Get to know these officers and get their input about any problems in the area and their suggestions for crime prevention. They deal with it on a daily basis and are experts on what is happening in your neighborhood. 24 Purchase what you can, i.e. nail polish remover, in bulk amounts. Don't replenish supplies with the nail products in your retail area. By buying in bulk, owners can save as much as 50%. December 1995, p. 50 25 December 1985, p. 82 Developing a training manual will provide your staff with a solid foundation, enhancing the level of services your salon has to offer. As a salon owner, you will create a strong team atmosphere when everyone on your staff is equipped with the same fundamentals. A manual — with stepby-step procedures on the services your salon offers — will produce consistency in each staff member's service. This "service branding" allows your clients to know exactly what to expect when they enter your door. May 2004, p. 115 26 23. Decorating and capturing the holiday spirit is very important, many salon owners agree. Their suggestions: Begin decorating by December 1 and tie in with a theme. Windows should not be overlooked as they can be effective for building that holiday spirit as well. The second key element for success during the holiday period is in personnel…you must be prepared to bring in extra technicians and extend hours to take full advantage of this season. The third and equally important aspect of the holiday season is patience. Longer hours, the hectic pace of work, and the scheduling nightmares of late clients and cancellations can try even the best holiday spirit. October 1984, p. 30 Always try to have at least two employees working at the same time. Having an employee working by herself makes it more appealing for a would-be robber or thief to do his dirty work. June 2005, p. 98 NAILS MAGAZINE | 27 Instead of just dropping off a stack of salon business cards at the store next door in hopes they might be kept on display, try organizing an official crosspromotion strategy with neighboring businesses. October 2007, p. 85 Visit for more special moments from NAILS' past 30 years. 136 | Live Happily Ever After MARCH 2013 28. If you start saving small amounts now, you will be used to saving and a little more familiar with your options — and the process won't be so intimidating. You will also be able to gradually increase the amount you must set aside for your retirement — people who wait until they're earning a sizable income must save larger portions than people who started off with small savings years earlier. Even with small amounts, the effect of compounding interest can greatly increase your savings over time. December 1991, p. 118 29 Before you put your clientele or nail salon up for sale, get your ducks in a row. Make sure your books are in good shape. Get your past appointment books together. Be certain that client files are up to date and completely filled out. Be able to produce records for the last three years including a simple-to-read profit and loss statement and IRS materials. September 2000, p. 100 30 There's no need to leave the nail industry in search of new opportunities: It's full of former nail technicians who've left the salon to work for manufacturers or distributors or themselves in a variety of challenging positions. Others have found they can enjoy the best of both worlds by supplementing the challenges and opportunities in the salon with such part-time positions as association board member, state board member, and manufacturer's educator, to name a few opportunities. October 1998, p. 64

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