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A smartphone and tablet app known for sharing pretty pictures, Instagram could be just the tool you need for furthering your business's reach. BY BETH LIVESAY They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but Instagram makes it possible for a picture to be worth 1,000 comments and likes. Owned by Facebook, this free app has over 80 million registered users. Simply download the app, snap a picture or choose from your camera roll, add a filter, caption, and share. Pictures are posted to your Instagram profile, but can be added to your Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr as well. Once your picture is shared, others can like or comment. There are 575 likes per second and 5 million images are uploaded daily, according to Instagram's own estimates. In order to find images to like or people to follow, you can search hashtags or 148 | NAILS MAGAZINE | the popular images page. You can even follow along with favorite celebrities, magazines, or brands. Given all this content, Instagram is similar to Pinterest in that it's a visual way to socialize. You can glean inspiration from posts or use the built-in Foursquare feature with a picture to show where you are. This feature alone is ideal for salon owners. When clients check-in at your salon, the display on their Instagram feed will list your salon's name. Encourage clients to take pictures of finished manicures, pedicures, or nail art, then upload and share the location. Viewers of these photos can click on the location and be transferred instantly to a map. Other photos taken from this MARCH 2013 location will appear under the map. It's free, effective advertising all at the touch of a fingertip. The most important thing to remember about using Instagram for business is that it's an opportunity to connect with current and potential clients. You don't have to only post photos of nails and nail art. A sprinkling of anything that helps people get to know you and what sets your salon apart makes for ideal posts. Think add-on services, a picture of a cocktail served at your salon, or new furnishings. Take pictures of neighboring shops or dishes at local restaurants to promote your location. Post images that will make people want what you have and be >>>

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