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1-800-727-1119 TOLL FREE 0HONE s &AX WWWPREMIERNAILSOURCECOM $ T O R E Twist-Lock Triple Dappen Acetone Proof Acetone Soaker Trays Pump Bottle 4 OZ. $1 CELLUCOTTON COIL 2-CT. #NB0336 ® $1 SANI KITS #GPB102 $1 10-FT. scrub brush, hygienic file, 3-way buffer birchwood stick $1 $1 #NB0320 Mr. Pumice Mr. Pumice $1 $1 #MP104D 7 COLORS! Mr. Pumice Ultimate Foot File $1 #MP102 B Zebra F I L E S #MP111 B C D E F G $1 FLEX TAPE Waterproof Material I M P L E M E N T S A R T I F I C I A L H Cuticle Eraser Stones 59¢ ea. SIZES NAIL $6.95 500-ct. 1-10 BASIX $1.95 / 50-ct. refills $1 #NB0100 #NB0107 (ALF 7ELL &RENCH White 20-CT 3-Way Shiner Blocks 49¢ each #NB0037 SALE! #NB0033 10-ct. $3.95 $1 COLOR TIPS $1 1X USE 240/240 1X USE MINI ORANGE BLOCKS (EACH) #NB0041 '&&#F79AD8&&*'F97I;D8&&*'9 100/180 MANI/PEDI BLOCKS EA. 100-PK CASE Yellow Manicure NB0004 NB0004P NB0004C Pink Pedicure NB0005 NB0005P NB0005C 25¢ each $23.95 100-ct. $99.95 Case (500) 20¢ ;7'&&#FA '.$/+ CASE (500) ./$/+ TM ARCTIC BLOCKS™ NB0034 NB0034P NB0034C SANITIZABLE BLOCKS EA. 100-PK CASE Purple Med/Coarse NB0001 NB0001P NB0001C Orange Med/Fine NB0002 NB0002P NB0002C GUARANTEED NON-YELLOWING Blue Fine/Super Fine NB0003 NB0003P NB0003C Brush-On Nail Glue 6 gm. $2.95 #IBD305 SealéBond™ Nail Adhesive .5 oz. $7.25 #CND0514 Your Choice $1 20-CT (1-10) 3TERILIZER 4RAY $4.95 #NB0207 4OE .AIL #LIPPER $1 TM 79¢ .75 oz. Clear White Bright White Pink Bright Pink Natural French Dip #NB0208 $1 $1 'ERMAN $2.95 NB1101 NB1104 NB1107 NB1110 NB1113 NB1116 NB1119 2 oz. NB1102 NB1105 NB1108 NB1111 NB1114 NB1117 NB1120 NB1103 NB1106 NB1109 NB1112 NB1115 NB1118 NB1121 ODORLESS ACRYLIC LIQUID 2 oz. NB1055 4 oz. NB1016 8 oz. NB1017 6 OZ. $3.95 $6.95 $11.95 SALE! #NAB0116 #NB0409 HOLDS 8 BRUSHES .!), !24 "253( 3%4 Round Sable Acrylic Brush #NB0405 Flat Sable Acrylic Brush #NB0406 Dust Brush Komfort Wedge Mushroom Pump Liquid Dropper 4 oz. NB0323 8 oz. NB0324 $2.95 NB0314 $2.95 NB0315 $11.95 WEDGE1 $1.95 NB0322 $0.25 NB0313 $2.95 EACH WE EXPORT WORLDWIDE! 100% KOLINSKY SABLE BRISTLES ACETONE RESISTANT CLEAR HANDLES '&-$/+D8&*&' ALUMINUM ACRYLIC BRUSH #NAB0117 Brush Stores Inside Handle $3.95 #NB0408 FRENCH MANICURE BRUSH $4.95 4 oz. #NB0410 Split Second Activator Spray NB1022 2 oz. NB1058 8 oz. NB1020 $1.95 Brush-On Activator $2.95 $4.95 Anti-Fungal Prep Spray $1.95 2 oz. NB1057 8 oz. NB1021 1/2 oz. NB1023 $1.95 $3.95 SALE! DAPPEN DAPPEN DISH DISH '(/$/+D8&*&( ','($/+D8&*&) '.'*$/+D8&*&* (&'-$/+D8&*'' Resin $3.95 3INGLE 0ROCESS 56 'EL 1 oz. $6.95 1 oz. NB1026 4 oz. $19.95 Extender Tips 16 oz. $59.95 10-ct. 95¢ NB1052 UV Gel .5 oz. Sealer Brush-On BUY $4.95 GET 1 Resin $1.95 1 10 gm NB1025 NB1024 Pink Bright Pink White Bright White Clear X-Thick Wearable Nail Soakers 10-ct. FREE! $9.95 FABRIC PRE-ADHESIVE STRIPS PUMPS Stainless Steel Dust Masks $1 PURE KOLINSKY Acrylic Brushes $1 $1 .+$/+D8&*&& #NB0407 $4.95 #NB0310 Nylon Gel Brush 3)$%$ 6-CT. $4.95 5-CT. LONG Primer $2.95 32 oz. NB1014 $19.95 4 oz. NB1054 $4.95 Gallon NB1015 $69.95 8 oz. NB1013 $6.95 $9.95 50-CT. $7.95 2 oz. NB1053 4 oz. $4.95 $4.95 Brush Cleaner #NB0212 ACRYLIC LIQUID (VIOLET) NO MMA MEDIUM $1 #ALLUS 0LANER "LADES CT SHORT GAL. #PN114G Brush Cleaner Holder #NB0210 BRUSH SET 3-CT. $3.50 Small Curved #NB0213 / Straight #NB0214 TM ACRYLIC POWDER 3TAINLESS Stork 3CISSORS $2.95 16 oz. #PN114B #NB0301 0ROFESSIONAL #ALLUS 0LANER $2.25 #NB0308 Chasticide $1.50 #NC0134 Horseshoe Forms Disinfectant #NB0300 $4.95 NON STICK Hospital Grade $7.95 #NB0302 Straight Pusher / Cleaner #NB0204 $39.95 C-CURVE STICKS Shaping Tools REUSABLE FORMS $2.49 #NB0307 Dries in Seconds! BOX OF 250 Medium 2-Sided Straight Pusher #NB0203 !CRYLIC .IPPER Extra Strength FORMS 500-CT. Bullet Glue Twist-Off Rectangular Forms #NC0305 20¢ Nozzle! 3TERILIZER *ARS #NB0205 Locking Handle GelBond™ Gel Adhesive .33 oz. $7.75 #CND0510 Gap-Filling CRISS FOREVER FUNKY PRINCESS PSYCHE- RETRO TINY SPIDER CROSS PLAID TOWN #HT0006 DELIC #HT0009 BUBBLES WEB #HT0003 #HT0004 #HT0005 #HT0007 #HT0010 #HT0011 #NB0191 Black D8&'/(8kh]kdZo #NB0193 Red #NB0194 Pink #NB0195 French Pink #NB0196 Beige Spoon Pusher #NB0201 #4727 N A I L S #NB0212D $1 Gel Glue 4 gm. $3.95 #IBD309 ALOHA BALI #HT0001 #HT0002 Spoon Pusher / Pterygium Remover #NB0202 4RAPPER #LIPPER (1-10) !SSORTED #UTICLE 0USHERS $OUBLE 3PRING #UTICLE .IPPER B R U S H E S 12-pr. #SB0405 $1 German Callus Planer Blades 10-ct. Professional Nail Glue 2 gm. $1.75 #IBD301 (ALF 7ELL #LEAR #NB0106 $1 5 SECOND NAIL GLUE #NB0105 8 ,ONG #URVE 24-CT. #SB0407 TM 4APERED #NB0104 $1 #NB0102 3QUARE $1 MINI ARCTIC BLOCKS™ (EACH) #NB0040 '&&#F79AD8&&*&F97I;D8&&*&9 TM F O R M S 2-CT. Onezees Toe Spa Thong Slippers Separators $1 BLACK #NB0038 ZEBRA #NB0039 LARGE 3-WAY 49¢ #NB0031 / 50-ct. $19.95 #NB0031P LARGE 4-WAY 49¢ #NB0032 / 50-ct. $19.95 #NB0032P per roll 8bWYaD8&&)+F_daD8&&), T I P S — G L U E S 180/180 #NB0013 100/100 #NB0015 180/180 #NB0017 E Natural Nail Garnet Boards 20-ct. $2.95 #NB0025 F Professional Pink Glass File $1.49 #NB0030L G Professional Buffers 49¢ ea. 50-ct. $19.95 H $1 #SB0306 Slim Orange Buffers 10-PK. 21-CT. MINI-FILES 100/180 GRIT DISPOSABLE MINI BLOCKS 20-ct. $2.50 15¢ ;7$'&&#FA $13.95 97I;'&&& $119.95 Hygienic Files 20-ct. $5.95 Individually Sealed C Black .&%.&D8&&'.'&&%'&&D8&&'/'&&%'.&D8&&(& D Zebra .&%.&D8&&(''&&%'&&D8&&(('&&%'.&D8&&() BEST SELLERS A 100/180 #NB0012 80/80 #NB0014 100/180 #NB0016 $1 CHOOSE FROM Professional Cushioned Files 20-ct. $4.95 A Black 80/80 #NB0010 100/100 #NB0011 B U F F E R S Seashell Deep French Manicure Rubber Polish Polish Display POLISH Holders #NB0225D Wheel #NB0337 Manicure Bowl GUIDES #NB0339 .EP$ Ultimate Pumi Bar Purple Pumi Bar by Graham Professional $1 CRYSTAL S-T-R-E-T-C-H TOE RINGS Dish #NB0321 #PN116S #NB0030S D O L L A R 100% Pure PINK GLASS FILE Want to be notified about our Weekly Hot Deals? Sign up for e-mail notifications on our website. #LD1004 Fiberglass or Silk Strips 1" x 36", 2 ct. Fiberglass (NB1048) Silk (NB1049) $2.95 Ceramic w/Cork Porcelain w/ Lid Glass Dappen Sonic Touch III $5.95 NB0318 $1.00 NB0319 $0.19 NB0317 $99.95 ST01 Practice Finger Practice Hand $0.35 NB0342 $2.95 NB0343 #1 FOR QUALITY, SELECTION & VALUE PHONE: 1-800-727-111 ËVË8 .0 ]Ë888±+- -!.#2- ± # Also Available: Pre-Cut Fingers 70-ct. Fiberglass (NB1050) Silk (NB1051) $2.95 SE HABLA ESPAÑOL Prices in this ad are valid March 1 through April 30, 2013. Afterward prices subject to change without notice. Shipping charges are denoted in parenthesis.

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