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TM GUARANTEED LOWEST PRICES! WE BEAT USA & CANADA Now accepting ALL COMPETITORS' ADVERTISED PRICES! We also accept ACH/E-checks, wire transfers and these credit cards: * Free shipping within contiguous USA on orders of $69 or more; excludes oversized items as noted online and in our catalog. Free shipping to Canada on orders of $69 or more shipped in a single box weighing under 12 lbs.; excludes $19.95 brokering fee & import taxes. AND ACCESSORIES Large Barrel #NB0501 Small Barrel #NB0502 Acrylic Bit Stand Holds 6 Small Barrel #NB0509 Football #NB0505 Toothpick #NB0513 2-wk Backfill #NB0507 $3.95 Buffing Stone "ITS Mandrels 49¢ #NB0517 #NB0514 Clear #NAB0001 Black #NAB0002 Blue #NAB0003 RHINESTONES $1 144-CT. Gold #NAB0004 Green #NAB0005 FIMO FRUITS 10-CT. $1 FRUIT SALAD 10 EACH OF 12 FRUIT SHAPES Light Blue #NAB0007 Purple #NAB0009 SALE! Toe Separators 10¢ #!3% /& $59.95 #SB0404 Pumice Sponges #SB0408 $119.95 $4.95 .5 OZ. $4.25 1 LB. 6 LBS. PEACH #SB0202 #SB0203 LAVENDER #SB0204 #SB0205 VANILLA #SB0206 #SB0207 6 lb. Box #SB0407 1 lb. $3.95 ($5 S&H) $17.95* PARAFFIN WARMER $19.95 %!#( $9.95 15¢ EACH PEDICURE FIZZ $19.95 #SF1000 $49.95 #SB0201 Holds All Popular Brands Manicure Warmer $9.95 25-CT. WHITE CUPS #SB0300 #SB0301 Stainless Steel Pedicure File with 20 abrasive pads $9.95 #SB0418 $1.95 SALE! Gauze Wipes 50-CT. $2.95 SB0217 100-ct. 4ERRY #LOTH -ITTENS /2 "OOTIES Birchwood $3.95 Sticks SB0214 EMPTY DISPLAYS #SB0317 $1.95 $1 Microplane Colossal Foot File SAVE Pedicure Socks 20 replacement pads $4.95 $7 $7.95 #SB0417 PEDISTIL™ Pedicure Foot & Leg Rest $19.95 #PediStil1 Black #SB0409 White #SB0410 $2.95 pair MANICURE FIZZ M>?J;D?D= IE7F;I AVAILABLE $1.95 1200-CT. $4.95 COLORS AVAILABLE! VISIT OUR WEBSITE! Striper PLUS Polish Pen Evolve™ 9 WATT #NB1510 $11.95 STRIPING TAPE Art Club $1.95 JUST GEL POLISH $1 $1 BUY 2 GET 1 FREE! $2.95 GOLD #NAB0227 SILVER #NAB0228 #NB1500 NAIL ART JAR STRIPER LACQUERS LACQUERS NAIL ART FOIL DOTTING TOOL Professional UV LAMP $69.95 PER PK $1 EACH 6 WATT Cures both hands or feet simultaneously $1 FIJI $2.50 7 WATT #NB1513 YOUR GLITTER STRIPS SHIMMERING DOTS MYLAR FLAKES CRUSHED SHELLS MANY CHOICE! Red #NAB0010 .6 OZ. $15.95 $1 6 WATT #NB1509 9 WATT #NB1504 $19.95 built-in timer and fan $39.95 $49.95 #NC0227 UV LAMP w/ removable shade UV BULBS 42 WATT )lWh_[j_[i.Yebehi'lWh_[joWdZYebehf[hfWYa Pink #NAB0008 .25 OZ. POWER POLISH .25 OZ. Xk_bj#_dj_c[h l[ho\WijYkh_d] _dYbkZ[iXkbXi BORA BORA #NC0232 $69.95 #NB1512 #NB1502 DRIED FLOWERS TAHITI Art Club SHELLAC $1 Cone NB0516 MADE IN Two-Hand UV Lamp 36 WATT $4.95 100-CT. $1 Durable Tunnel Lamp $2.95 Barrel NB0515 $399.95 JAPAN #KUPA1 Iridescent #NAB0006 RHINESTONE SHAPES MINI LACQUERS $2.95 #EDMT20 $149.95 #NB0521 Whisks dust and debris out of the air! SALE! ")43 !$*534!",% 30%%$ 0EDICURE Bit #NB0522 $2.95 EACH. $4.95 EACH. Chamois Buffer Bit )NVERTED 4APERED "ARREL "IT #NB0520 Coarse DUST COLLECTOR jm_d\Wdi ^ej%YebZ Wkjeed%e\\ #NB0519 Medium Football #NB0512 4-wk Backfill #NB0506 NAIL RapidDry™ DRYER BreatheEasy™ 20,000 RPM 15,000 RPM #NB0518 Fine Backfill #NB0511 Toothpick #NB0504 -4 Razzberry $3.95 Cone #NB0510 Cone #NB0503 NB0523 1000 ct. 100 ct. Large Barrel #NB0508 -!.) 02/ SANDING BANDS DIAMOND DRILL BITS #SB0305 DRILL BITS CARBIDE DRILL BITS Peppermint Pedicure Collection -ANICURE "ALLS CT $1.00 0INK 'RAPEFRUIT 3" 3OOTHING ,AVENDER 3" ,EMON ,IME 3" ORDER ONLINE 24/7 WWW.PREMIERNAILSOURCE.COM Gentle Exfoliating Sloughing Créme Créme Mask Pedicure Scrub Rock Salts Ice Cooling Gel 5 Gallons $59.95 ($10 S&H) Gal. $14.95 ($5 S&H) 8 oz. $2.95 E L E C T R O N I C S A C C E S S O R I E S S N U A I P L P L A I R E T S A C C E S S O R I & E S P O L I S H M A N I C U R E P E D I C U R E M A N I C U R E P E D I C U R E PEDI CARTS STARTING AT $89.95! NAIL TABLES STARTING AT $149.95! Photos are merely representational. Items are not necessarily shown to scale in relation to other products shown. Not responsible for typographical errors.

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