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{my other life } ke out the y try to sta en observed." will usuall ost hunters where sp irits have be "Gh tions p recise loca Making Contact "I had my first experience with 'the unexplained' when I was 10," says nail tech and paranormal investigator Diane Fife. "It changed my life. I wanted answers to the questions I had about what I experienced." As an investigator or "ghost hunter," it's Fife's job to document proof of the paranormal and help anyone who might be affected by it. "Both ghost hunters and paranormal investigators will try and do the best they can to help a family if they feel threatened by paranormal activity," says Fife, owner of Hair, Nails & Toes in Mt. Juliet, Tenn. "In many cases the investigators are able to debunk the activity and find a normal or scientific reason for it happening. Their main mission is to put the people who are affected at ease. "Ghost hunters will usually try to learn as much as possible about the person when he or she was living and use this information to help make contact. They use tools like cameras and audio recorders to try and document proof. Ghost hunters will usually try to stake out the precise locations where spirits have been observed and attempt to make contact by talking to the person as if he or she was still alive. They may get lucky enough to capture something called an EVP or Electronic Voice Phenomenon on audio recordings." Fife had her most significant experience at an old hospital in southern Tennessee that had shut down in the late '90s. "There was a rumor that some children's spirits remained there," she says. After the investigators read a story aloud, they asked some questions about it. "I wanted to document the session, so I started my voice recorder. I had positive responses from little voices," she says. "This was far too quiet for human ears to hear on a normal basis, but the recorder picked up something below our range of hearing. They answered everything correctly! For me, the responses and technique were life-changing. I have to admit it was one of the most profound experiences and pieces of evidence I have ever captured." Diane Fife, salon owner In her other life: paranormal investigator NAILS (ISSN 0896-193x) (USPS 001-426) is published monthly, by Bobit Business Media, 3520 Challenger Street, Torrance, California 90503-1640. Periodicals postage paid at Torrance, California 90503-9998 and additional mailing ofces. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Nails, P.O. Box 1067 Skokie, IL 60076-8068. Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for address changes to take efect. Subscription Prices - United States $20 per year; Canada $57 per year; Foreign $87 per year. Single copy price - $5; Big Book - $40. Please allow 6 to 8 weeks to receive your first issue. Bobit Business Media reserves the right to refuse non-qualified subscriptions. Please address Editorial and Advertising correspondence to the Executive Ofces at 3520 Challenger Street Torrance, California 90503-1640 or online at The contents of this publication may not be reproduced either in whole or in part without consent of Bobit Business Media. All statements made, although based on information believed to be reliable and accurate, cannot be guaranteed and no fault or liability can be accepted for error or omission. Subscribers: If the Post Ofce alerts us that your magazine is undeliverable, we have no further obligation unless we receive a corrected address within 2 years. 178 | NAILS MAGAZINE | MARCH 2013

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