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>MF?MK CADDAF? HGO=J VERY PINTERESTING If you want to be invited to one of our community boards e-mail Here are a few of the most popular pins from our 55 Pinterest boards: 1. Cats in Love by Camilla Broers of Voorburg, Netherlands has been repinned over 4,000 times. 1 2. Amy Masters of Perfect 10 Nail Salon in Worland, Wyo. handpainted these nails that have been repinned 368 times and received 131 likes. 2 3. This blue butterfly design by Karleen Pankiw of Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada took flight on Pinterest, garnering 298 repins. 3 FgG\gj$Fg@Yjk`9[a\k$FgGadk 9k]hla[gjemdY INSTAGRAM 9nYadYZd]Yl2 NakalmkYl2 \j_kZ]Ymlq&[ge DYc]>gj]kl$;91*.+( 0((%/0(%.111 FYadEYjc GjdYf\g>dgja\Y ,(/%010%)-1 EaYeaFYadKmhhda]k @ge]kl]Y\$>dgja\Y +(-%*,-%-./0 FYadKmhhdq@gmk] KYf?YZja]d$;Y& .*.%+(/%(000 MK9:]YmlqKmhhdq O]kleafkl]j$;Y& /),%01)%*,*( FYlagfoa\]FYadKmhhdq @gmklgf&LP /)+%-**%*(0( >gmjk]Ykgfk:]YmlqKmhhdq =m_]f]$Gj]_gf -,)%,0,%.... ;`YehagfFYadKmhhdq E]eh`ak$Lf 1()%+0.%**(( CEPAf[ :jgfp$F]oQgjc /)0%-1/%1-+, @a>Yk`agf:]YmlqKmhhda]k Dgf_AkdYf\;alq$F]oQgjc /)0%/0.%*)+) 42 | NAILS MAGAZINE | MARCH 2013 A behind the scenes b look at the nails that loo came in for our mural cam contest received over co 40 likes. You can learn more about le our mural contest ou winners on page 82. w

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