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TECHNIQUE} Footlogix B/S Brace Toenail Correction If you have clients who are sufering from abnormal toenail curve, it's time to eliminate pain by introducing your clients to the B/S Brace procedure. The B/S Brace can efectively relieve symptoms in as quickly as one day and correct the problem over several months. It can lift the nail by as much as 5 mm., straightening the curved nail back into its original shape, and eliminating excessive pressure within the nail groove. Thin strips are placed across the toenail using the B/S Brace Magnetic Applicator, and the result is a gentle lifting of the nail. Over time, the B/S Brace corrects the abnormal curvature of the nail and starts relieving the elevated pressure in the nail fold immediately after application. For more detailed instructions and for more information about this product, go to www.nailsmag. com/fifi/13411. 1. Preparing the Nail Do not soak or use any oily product on the nail before application. Etch the surface with an e-file to remove shine, then apply cleanser to gently clean the nail plate. 2. Measuring the nail Measure from side wall to side wall without overlapping, and place the appropriate sized brace on the applicator with the magnetic point facing the applicator. 3. Apply the brace Apply the applicator to both sides of the nail, then apply adhesive to the brace. Apply the brace by rolling it from side to side, then holding it onto the nail for five to seven seconds. 4. Finishing >>> Apply sealer and let dry. Polish the nail if desired. 56 | NAILS MAGAZINE | MARCH 2013 1 2 3 4

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