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102 | NAILS MAGAZINE | MARCH 2015 Have a business question? (about marketing, pricing, personnel, etc.) E-mail it to and check back here for an expert answer. Q: Should I take it personally when a client doesn't tip? A: Some clients tip because they like you as a person, some tip because they like the service you provided, and some tip just because. Some clients don't tip because they feel your service prices are high enough or because they simply don't have the money. All clients are different. My answer is no, don't take it personally. Still, I can share some strategies for getting bigger tips. First of all, be yourself. Let your personality show and be authentic. I had one client say, "I love that you're such a great mom" after I shared pictures of my daughter's ballet recital. On one occasion I came in on my day off to do this client's service. She told me she wasn't feeling good about herself, so I boosted her spirits. She left a $265 tip! So be accommodating, reevaluate your work schedule, and be more available, if you can. Of course you have to offer top-notch skills. Practice until you're the very best at what you do. Always give clients the "wow" factor. You must be versatile, as well. If you specialize in nail art, OK great...but think of creative, extravagant things other than that. For example, I started offering couples waxing and other specialty services you can't get anywhere else. I also added male Brazilian waxing and those customers are big tippers. You can also actively target an affuent clientele. Those who are willing to pay top dollar for services normally tip well. You have to ask yourself where these clients hang out. Where do they live? Where do they eat? What education do they have? Then saturate those places with your marketing efforts. — Michelle Brown is the owner of Beauty Education & Resources (www. and Rejuv'e Salonspa in Raleigh, N.C. Tech Pays for Help From Yelp "I love Yelp!" says Rachael Waggoner, owner of Dazzlin Digits 3D Nails in Lakewood, Colo. "I would say about 70% of my clients who found me on the Internet have found me through Yelp. The combination of having a strong website with good SEO words and the use of Yelp advertising is awesome." For the past year and a half, Waggoner has been investing precious marketing funds in pay-per-click advertising on Yelp. Basically, for a fee, Yelp displays ads for a business in search results and on competitors' business pages and each time a user clicks on that business's ad, the business pays Yelp for the click. The cost per click is based on advertiser demand in the category and the region. "When a potential client goes in and types 'nails' and 'Lakewood Colorado' or similar search words, then I pop up as a listing in the frst few businesses on the page," says Waggoner. "It's very similar to a Google search except you are operating on Yelp's platform. It takes work to maintain a listing on the frst page of the search results. I constantly upload new photos, add language, and try to engage with the customers who have inquired." Having a customer leave a review is incredibly good for your rankings as well, she notes. "The investment in pay-per-click has defnitely given me a return. I usually budget $50 per month and then, starting in September, I raise that to $100 for holidays. Yelp gets the customers in my chair, but then of course it's my job to retain them." A Q & The Professional Beauty Association (PBA) has introduced a new membership structure consisting of three new membership types: E-Member, Individual Member, and Business Member. With dues starting at $175, the Business Membership provides benefts focused on the growth and development of the business and better supports and engages the employees of the member company. The Individual Membership provides benefts that support individual members' personal career growth and enrichment, including discounted admission to events. Students can join for only $20, and licensed and unlicensed industry professionals can join for $50. The new E-Membership provides electronic benefts only at no cost. Benefts include access to PBA Online Education and PBA's Professional Links page, a comprehensive list of business resources. "The new structure will allow PBA to better serve its members and tailor its services to each member's needs," says PBA's membership and association programs director Elizabeth Fantetti. For more information, visit PBA Adds Free Membership Option >>>

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