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108 | NAILS MAGAZINE | MARCH 2015 } BUSINESS >>> If it is their frst time getting their nails done with me, we have a 15-minute consultation before we start the manicure. This is to fnd out what they prefer and to offer them a piece of my creativity to add to their nails according to their likings. It is extremely important to have a portfolio of my best, unique, eye- catching, and neatest work to show my clients different possibilities for different designs, stones, charms, glit- ters, 3-D nails, and everything else regarding nail art. Right now, my portfolio is my Instagram account @thenailsqueen. A portfolio will give your work credibility and work will speak for itself. Clients are most likely to trust you and add your special touch to their nails if they like what they see, which means more money for you. My best advice when it comes to offering extra services is to be honest and educate your clients about the benefts and disadvantages of the prod- ucts being offered. Provide quality over quantity. Make sure your nails always look fawless to represent the product and to be able to offer extras. Keep your upsells relevant to the original product, and last but not least, provide clients with outstanding customer service in every way to keep them happy and to keep your business running. Camila Rojas Tampa, Fla. This time of the year, I like to upsell a gel-polish pedicure to my spa pedicure clients. I advise my clients that the gel-polish will last them up to six weeks, so switching from the typical four-week interval to a six-week interval will actually save them money. Also, no one likes to leave the salon and go out into the cold with pedi slippers on. With the gel-polish pedicure, they can slip their socks and boots back on and skip on out of here without the worry of smudging! Michelle Whitaker Salon Legacy Nails, Rolla, Mo. By pitching the perfect service or recommending a specifc product to accommodate your client, you can easily increase your paycheck by making an extra sale or booking an unexpected appointment. We reached out to nail techs to fnd out what works for them and asked, how do you easily upsell additional services or products to your clients? Best Tips to Upsell Services My tip for an upsell is wearing your nail art! Always have your nails done, no exceptions. Your nails are your walking business card. My nails are always decked out with full nail art so I can showcase my best work on my fngertips. When my clients see my work they always want it. During every service I always ask them what kind of designs they want. Everyone who sits in my chair is ready for the full nail art experience! If a client is looking for a simple set, I always try and get some type of art on there, even if it is just an accent nail. I suggest what is trending at the moment or advise her to add some Swarovski crystals to bling it up. Always remember your nails are an advertisement of your work and services. If you wear it, they will buy it. Jeannette Vazquez-Alfaro iLuvUrNailz , Bay Shore, N.Y. When it comes to up-selling services I have to understand that not all my clients like loud nails. Therefore, I have to offer them different alternatives depending on their personalities. The key is getting to know your clients.

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