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112 | NAILS MAGAZINE | MARCH 2015 not spend too much out of their budget, while exploring the world of endless options in nail art. Katy Lambson Sugar N Spice Nail Salon, Saratoga Springs, Utah I only work on hands and do nails, so my up-sales are for my art. For a client who does not wear art or might not be ready for it, I offer the art for free. I do something little, cute, and easy. I give it to them free the frst time because 99% of my clients return, and they want more art! They get excited because people have complemented them. I have more than a handful of clients who want nail art on all 10 of their nails and they started with just two nails. I can make an extra $100 in a day from my art alone. Do not be scared to push your clients into some art. I just tell them it's not attached to them permanently and it will come off whenever thety want! Kristi Spencer Bentley Hair Salon, Moline, Ill. offer other upgrades like essential oils, fresh lavender, or peppermint leaves. By recommending additional services at the time of booking, I ensure I have all the time she needs or would want. I also ask if there is any special occasion or reason she is booking an appoint- ment. All these insights can help you to help clients. I have a loyalty program that has been especially helpful with nail art upgrades. I start a Shellac service at a base price and have upgrade services for nail art, French tip, foils, gems, carving, decals, water transfers, glitter, etc. Most clients keep it pretty basic, but sometimes it's because they have not yet tried nail art techniques available to them. My Shellac loyalty card encour- ages clients to try nail art if they spend $5 more on their Shellac by upgrading to nail art. If they do, they earn a punch on their punch card and after a certain number of punches, they get a free nail art Shellac service. It's an opportunity to When I meet a client they fll out a welcome form that includes occupation, hobbies, allergies, skin care concerns, etc. This clues me in to the type of services that will be helpful to them. In addition to their paperwork, I provide a compli- mentary color and skin consultation to check out their hands feet, nails, and skin. This gives me a frsthand insight into products and services that can help. I also like to offer package perks. When a client is booking, I offer her a pampering package so she can save some time and money. She saves time by having two services in one visit instead of booking a second one. It saves her money because I will offer a certain amount of dollars off the grand total. If the client does not have a schedule that allows time for a mani and a pedi, >>> Nail treatments to maintain healthy natural nails Solutions for all nail problems! Long Lasting Nail Lacquer þ þ 1-800-448-6098 For pple Devices: Download: iTunes For ndroid Devices: Download: Google Play Or scan this code: Mobile pp Download our mobile app today! Receive fashion trends, manicure advice, new products information, and more!

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