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MARCH 2015 | NAILS MAGAZINE | 117 Being such a clean salon and being able to offer indoor parking during the snowy months are added perks. Plus, the salon has a VIP program for customers — with a $19.95 a month membership, clients get $15 off any initial service and 20% off any additional services after that. THE MENU: Herman explains that while the salon has a standard list of services such as a range of manicures and pedicures, its most popular service is the Pamper-Me mani/pedi, which includes a sugar scrub and long massage in addition to the regular service. Posh Nails also offers Gelish manicures, acrylic and rebase manicures, princess manis/ pedis for kids 5-11, facial waxing, eyelash extensions, and strip lashes. Herman says these days the salon's gel-polish service is far and away the most popular menu item. Herman also acknowledges that while it is hard to maintain a unique menu because the industry is so competitive, she uses an autoclave to distinguish her salon because it's not an industry staple. Though it is an added expense, Herman says she feels like it's a nice touch to be able to offer hospital-grade sterilization to clients. Despite paying a premium to rent the space in the mall, Posh Nails' prices are extremely competitive with other salons in the area because she sees so much foot traffc. Herman received an award as the sixth highest tenant in gross sales, and Posh Nails was the only privately owned company of those six. THE SPACE: Because the salon's rent is such a large portion of its expenses, Herman says she tried to use every corner of the salon in a smart way. There is a section dedicated to retail, and though there are no treatment rooms, there is an area in the back for waxing. Herman described the decor as "organic contemporary that is elegant and extremely clean." With cowhide chairs and metal desks, the aesthetic is simple and cute with an emphasis on hygiene. THE CLIENTELE: Due to the convenient location of the salon, Posh Nails sees about 250-500 walk-in clients per month. This huge volume of clients is how Herman maintains a proft. Many of those clients are couples (with men making up about a quarter of all customers), young professionals, mall employees, mother- 1. Posh Nails' retail section makes up about 25% of the salon's business, which helps ofset the high rent of the mall. 2. The foot trafc the mall provides is what keeps Posh Nails' sales steady. 3. Staf receive free nail services as a way to both promote employee satisfaction and the salon. 1 2 daughter pairs, and those who are getting done up for an event. Herman's co-owned hair salon, Thompson & Company, across the hall makes it easy for people to get both services done back-to-back. Posh Nails also hosts — and gives discounts for — bachelorette, bridal, and birthday parties, as well as conventions that come into town. THE STAFF: One of the requirements to work at Posh Nails is that techs must sell retail. Convincing her staff to sell in addition to doing nails wasn't a simple task. And while the girls working the front desk do a majority of the selling, Herman taught her techs how to promote products they were using in their services to clients. It's a great way for both Herman and the techs to earn extra income. Each tech works in black scrubs and receives an instruction manual about how to do services, how to handle certain clients, and how to work in retail items. Working for Posh Nails has its benefts. The staff receives free nail services, half off retail items, and free hair services at Herman's neighboring salon. Those who work at the hair salon also receive free nail services. This added perk promotes both of Herman's salons to customers. Herman says she treats her employees how she would want to be treated if she were working for them and she sees very little turnover. She continually works to keep her staff motivated and amicable toward each other, because as an owner, these issues can become problems if left unaddressed. "I always try to be a good boss. I try to be fair," she says. THE EXTRAS: The salon sells a generous portion of retail items including Herman's line of products, Denver Diva, as well as LaLicious bath and body products, Haviana fip fops, polishes, cuticle oil, candles, and underwear. Because renting a space in the mall is so expensive, Herman says she has to sell retail to supplement the salon's income and she generally sees retail making up about 25% of profts. 3

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