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126 | NAILS MAGAZINE | MARCH 2015 So, what exactly is TM? Hoffman: The Transcendental Meditation technique is a simple, effortless, natural process done sitting comfortably with closed eyes. During the process, the mind settles to a restfully alert state, a state of inner silent awareness that is the source of the energy, intelligence, creativity, and organizing power within the mind. As one experiences quieter levels of the thinking process, the brain's functioning becomes more orderly while the body experiences deep relaxation. The TM technique involves no religion, philosophy, change in lifestyle or diet, or physical exercise. It's taught by trained, certifed TM teachers throughout the U.S. and abroad in schools, corporations, medical clinics, and other institutions, and to the public. How much time and what kind of commitment does it take to learn and practice TM? Hoffman: Transcendental Meditation is done by adults for about 20 minutes twice each day. (Children and teens do it for less time.) The TM technique is taught in a seven-step course, beginning with a series of free lectures and ending with a series of four classes on four consecutive days or evenings, after which the practitioner is self-suffcient and begins to experience results. A worldwide lifetime follow-up program is open to all who've learned to ensure maximum beneft. What are the benefts to working women — nail techs in particular? Hoffman: Women are more susceptible to stress than men and yet often have to maintain both work and a greater share of family responsibilities. The TM practice effectively reduces stress and fatigue and improves brain function, so a woman fnds she has far more energy, creativity, effciency, and focus at work and arrives home with patience, tolerance, and a greater capacity for intimacy with family. TM practitioners report increased job satisfaction, job performance, and self-esteem. When confronted by routine work, the mind still enjoys the expansion of happiness TM has unfolded within, so good spirits and friendliness are more naturally spontaneous. Interacting with coworkers and with the public becomes easier and more harmonious. The nail tech's relaxed state helps relax the client, resulting in more customer satisfaction — which increases the success of the establishment. } HEALTH When taught in a business environment, Transcendental Meditation has been linked to reductions in absenteeism, ill health, and stress, and increases in focus and productivity. >>> More Harmonious Workplace, Happier You You may have thought Transcendental Meditation (TM) went out with the hippie movement, but in fact it survived and is one of the most widely practiced meditation techniques worldwide. "Bottom line: TM is simple, effortless, non-religious, effective, and scientifcally validated to improve everything from heart health to intelligence," says Janet Hoffman, executive director of the TM Program for Women Professionals. NAILS asked Hoffman to tell us more:

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