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140 | NAILS MAGAZINE | MARCH 2015 After coming into an industry where I had no friends and all land was foreign to me Vicki helped me tremendously. Years later, I still use the Vicki Peters Filing System. I will sure miss seeing Vicki at shows and always inboxing me to cheer me on. Vicki was very instrumental in my decision to be a full-time nail professional. Maisie Dunbar I received a call from Vicki in 1993 after seeing the print work I was doing for IBD. Her statement was 'Juli Miller, I would love to meet you, I have watched your work and you have your own style and I like that about you!' We became very good friends and she has been my rock in the industry. When I was with INM I traveled to California at least once a month and was lucky enough to have traveled there on the day of her salon opening. If there was just one more visit, I would tell her "Thank you!" Juli Miller I had sent Vicki an e-mail asking for some technical advice (she was my go-to person on these things). I didn't hear from her for a few days, which was odd, and then I got a text from her. I immediately called her and she proceeded to tell me how sick she was, but sounded so optimistic and positive. We chatted about it; I offered her my love and support and was ready to hang up; when she said, 'Wait a minute, let's talk about those audio questions you have.' Despite what she was going through she wanted to make sure I knew and understood how to set up my audio equipment for a class. I will always miss that great smile and her amazing words of wisdom. Linda Nordstrom Remembering Vicki Peters A Tribute to a Legend

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