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MARCH 2015 | NAILS MAGAZINE | 141 Vicki Peters, mentor to many in the nail industry, nail know-it-all, one of the earliest competitors, competition judge and show-runner, product creator, cover tech, nail cruise director, e-fle expert, former competitive roller-skater, dog-lover, sister, and friend, passed away at the age of 60. Vicki loved nails, the nail industry, nail technicians, nail magazines, nail jokes, nail cruises, nail trends, nail memes, nail salons, nail shows, and just about anything nail-related. And as you can see from these tributes, the nail industry loved her right back. >>> Vicki Peters (1954-2014) Vicki mentored and trained me then threw me into the competition arena with the old 'Just shut up and do it.' The very last time I competed was in Dallas at a show where our friend Madelyn Johnson had organized a competition. Janet Estes and I were going there to compete as Team Vicki. Madelyn was sworn to secrecy and we got a big surprise to learn that she was competing too. As she was competing against us, she was coaching us. Team Vicki fnished frst, second, and third place with Vicki in the lead. It was the last time she sat in a nail competition arena. Brenda Anderson Vicki and I have been friends for way over 20 years. In fact, we actually tried to fgure out the exact date we frst met and couldn't. I was the one who could give it back to her in spades. I remember telling her, 'You know I'm not afraid of you, right?' She was quiet for about two seconds and then she said, 'Yep,' and we both burst into laughter for fve minutes. I loved her, I respected her, and l looked up to her. I treated her like my sister. Madelyn Johnson

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