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142 | NAILS MAGAZINE | MARCH 2015 Vicki Peters was my nail sis, confdant, and femtor for 18 years. I owe her so much for guiding my career and I will miss her very much. The challenge now for the nail community that mourns the passing of this great woman is to embrace Vicki's vision that no tech should be left behind when it comes to education. AthenA Elliott I ran across Vicki Peters via Beauty Tech as a student. She was so willing to help me even though I felt like a bumbling idiot concerning everything enhancements. Her selfess contributions to education over the years made Vicki one of my 'nail moms' that I credit with helping me, guiding me, watching over me, and leading by example in being willing to help anyone and everyone. I'm thankful to have known such an amazing woman who contributed to and shaped the industry we all love. She will live on through passion, education, and the love of all whose lives she touched. Holly Schippers I can't even trace back how long I have known Vicki but I know it's well over 20 years. The laughs, the tears, the 'I need your help' calls in both directions. Then there was my infecting her with the NASCAR bug. We spent many a Sunday afternoon texting about the race. I think the best were the practical jokes. There was the year we all invaded her class at Premiere Orlando 2002. Vicki had been going on and on in the forums and mailing list about dressing for success, be on time, and be courteous. At least 10 of us dressed in poolside fip-fops and cut-offs, marched into her class late, talking and totally ignoring her, while hollering to all of the people we knew who were already seated. The look on her face was priceless! Debbie Doerrlamm A few years ago, my Italian customer asked me to work on the frst-ever Nail Cruise Italy. Because of Vicki's experience, she too, was invited. We few out of LAX together and arrived in Venice. We made it to our ship and were paired together in a room. We drank coffee together on the balcony every morning. Between teaching classes we toured all the Greek islands. Our last day in Venice we went to Rialto Bridge and walked to St. Peter's Square where we had a highly over-priced breakfast. We walked and shopped the entire island of Venice. For lunch we had pizza in a small pizzeria. On that trip we really got to talk about things not nail-related. We were two friends on an amazing trip together. Elaine Watson I will miss her always smiling face, her kind words, and her never-ending positive encouragement. She touched my life deeply as she did for many. Please know we have a very special angel watching over us all. Carol Byerly

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