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MARCH 2015 | NAILS MAGAZINE | 143 My mum Gigi Rouse and Vicki go way back as nail techs renowned in their feld, so mum suggested we ask Vicki to come to the UK for training with our team in 2010. She stayed with us at our home outside Leeds. My mum was visiting us at that time and she and Vicki would sit and gabble like the two nail gurus they were. Just as you have 'The Bird' in the U.S., we have 'The V Sign' (now known as The Vickers) that means the same thing, but you have to do it the opposite way of the peace sign. Vicki thought this was hysterical and did it at every opportunity. She went as far as to have herself laminated onto a magnet doing The Vickers and sent it to me. I love it and it's on my fridge to this very day. Samantha Sweet I met Vicki Peters almost 30 years ago and we immediately became very good friends. When we met she said her name was short for Victoria. So in fun I called her Victoria the entire evening. I continued to do this over the next 25 years. About fve years ago she looked at me and said with her famous smile, 'You know that no one else ever calls me Victoria except for you and I like it when you do.' She had a way of making you feel special for even the smallest thing. After a while I noticed that I was calling her Victoria just so I could see her smile of approval. She used these same talents in her teaching. Vicki did more than teach, she motivated people to learn, grow, and excel. Vicki made you want to be better than you were. Doug Schoon We had been friends for 42 years. We've traveled by air, sea, and car together for vacation and work, sometimes only seeing each other for a quick chat at a nail show around the country. On New Year's Eve I would always call her at midnight East Coast time and she would say 'Now I can go to bed!' After moving to California she found friends along the way — all 2,793 on Facebook. She infuenced and touched so many lives. As much as she loved the nail industry, she loved her dogs (all of them, past and present) even more. Happy New Year in Heaven, you can go to sleep now. Trish Phelan I remember when my mom was losing her battle with cancer Vicki promised to look after me and take me under her wing, and that she did. We spent holidays together and had dinner together once a week until she moved to California. We went to numerous Nascar races together. We even dog sat for each other. Vicki was right there by my side on my wedding day, making sure I was the star. Love you Vicki, thank you for all you did and being my friend. Loni Preato >>>

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