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144 | NAILS MAGAZINE | MARCH 2015 Until we meet again, friend. Godspeed. Rhonda Kibuk Vicki and Jenny Markakis arranged for a group of nail techs from all over to help me while I recovered from a mastectomy. As Jenny put it, "We wanted to give you a helping hand, not a hand out." Candace Welch, Mindy Borrego, Simmy Bredal-Bell, Maxine Moore-Thomas, and Vicki came and worked in my studio. My clients were happy to have their services continue and glad to see me able to keep my business. My clients dubbed them "Karen's Angels" because they cooked, helped me with chores, and loved me like sisters. Simmy's trip overlapped with Vicki's and the two of them spent Christmas with me. They gave up that holiday with their families, because they knew I couldn't travel to be with mine. I was very saddened to learn both Vicki and Simmy were diagnosed with cancer right before this last Christmas. This is just one story of many I could share of Vicki and her helping hands. She left her indelible mark on the industry and in our lives as well. Karen Hodges When I look at some of my success and experiences during the past 15 years, Vicki had a hand in it. During this past show season Vicki was teaching a class and felt my presence. She looked up, stopped mid-sentence, and excused herself for a moment. Vicki walked out, threw her arms around me, gave me lots of love, then took me into her class where I was introduced. She went on to say beautiful and incredible things about me. It's a moment that will be with me forever. LaShaun Brown-Glenn Our nail industry and the world lost someone very special today. We are saddened to hear of Vicki Peter's passing. All of us at NSI and our NSI family around the world send our thoughts and condolences to Vicki's family, close friends, and to the thousands of nail technicians she touched around the world. Rick Slack My brother Greg introduced us in 2000 and she welcomed me with open arms. She talked to me like a friend and asked me tons of questions about my new involvement with Young Nails. My introduction to the nail industry was Vicki Peters, and all I could think after I met her was, "What a great industry! This is going to be awesome!" I will miss her dearly. Habib Salo The world lost a good, kind, caring person. Soft be thy resting place Vic. Kenny Gerenraich I met Vicki Peters when I was 17. I obviously made an impression on her that day because she put me under her wing for the next 10 years. She is responsible for so much in my career, introducing me to so many people who have changed my life and pushing me beyond what I believed my limits were. Vicki, you have given so many other nail artists stories like this and I know you're up in heaven 'dressed for success.' Jill Iannucci Clark I love you Vic, and will miss you so much. Terri Lundberg >>>

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