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148 | NAILS MAGAZINE | MARCH 2015 Vicki started mentoring me after working with her in Orlando last year. She encouraged me to set goals of having my own nail salon and to become an educator. With those words of encouragement, I became a Crystal Culture stylist and I'll be working at my own place. She motivated me to become a better nail artist, to step out of my comfort zone, and to believe in myself. I'll always be grateful to Vicki for that. Karen Clark Vicki was a wonderful mentor/friend to me. It's so hard to express what this woman meant in my professional life. I could call her with any question and she would always fnd time to talk. Here are some pictures from back in the day that meant the most to me. Cathy Marrone It was funny to me how people reacted to Vicki. We would go to the restroom and she would be in the stall doing her business and girls would stand outside talking to her. We would be walking down the street and cars would go by and roll their windows down and start screaming, 'Oh my God it's Vicki Peters! Hey Vicki!' Several times we would be walking down an aisle at a show or outside and some girl would start jumping up and down crying because Vicki Peters was right in front of her. I often asked Vicki, "How in the hell do you do this? You have stalkers and groupies!" She would just smile at me with that ornery look on her face that only some of us saw. Nothing but a class act. I will miss her. Diana Bonn I took Vicki's goal-setting class at Fashion Focus Cleveland in 1994. I waited to speak to her after the class. She looked me square in the face, pointed her fnger at me and said, 'You need to be an educator.' She walked me to the show foor all the while grumbling about how she didn't even have a set of her own goals, yet they asked her to give a goal-setting class, in true Vicki transparency. She introduced me to three regional managers of nail manufacturers and told them I would be following up with a resume. By the time I saw her in the fall I was working as an educator for one of those companies. To say meeting her changed the trajectory of my career would be an understatement. I read once that a true mentor is one who is willing and able to lead you even beyond themselves. That was her gift to all of us. She wasn't worried about where you went or how far you succeeded; her only concern was that you did. Millie Haynam I'm fortunate today that we have one another in this very diffcult time, to network together on the greatness of Vicki Peters and to share our thoughts and feelings about her passing through her incredible legacy. I feel sorry for the new nail technicians who will never get to meet you, or learn from you. Thank you for motivating me, and reminding me that I'm really a true professional. I have a new respect for my industry because of you. Angel Vandhana >>>

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