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154 | NAILS MAGAZINE | MARCH 2015 How you can tell if it's gone bad: How to dispose of it: GLUE It becomes thick, stringy, or hard. Hardened glue can be thrown away since it's inert. OILS You'll be able to identify rancid oil by odor. Pour into absorbent material (like paper towels) and dispose of material by standard garbage removal. LIQUID DISINFECTANT The product won't lose its viability, but the color can change. Undiluted product may not be poured down the drain. Pour unused liquid into paper towels or other absorbent material, place in sealed container, and dispose of material according to local, state, and federal regulations. Recycle packaging. POLISH Polish becomes stringy, thick, and unworkable. Dispose of nail polish as you would any other paint or hazardous waste: Go to your local waste disposal facility and turn them over to the local government to dispose of them properly. Or, pour small amounts (less than one-half bottle) into absorbent material, allow to harden completely, and dispose in trash. LOTION Watch for a change in color, texture, or aroma (depending on the ingredients). If moisturizers are left open, the water in them can evaporate and the texture of the product will change as the water content is altered. If the product is made of biodegradable material, it can simply be disposed of in the trash and the container recycled. PRIMER The product won't go bad, but it can evaporate, so be sure to close the container properly to preserve the product. Pour unused product into absorbent material, place in sealed container, and dispose of container according to local, state, and federal regulations for hazardous waste. Do not pour down the drain. SCRUBS AND MASKS You'll note a change of consistency or color. If the item contains certain oils, it could emit an odor as it ages. Also, if not properly sealed, these items will begin to harden as their moisture evaporates. Clean out the container by emptying the contents into a paper towel and throwing the product away in the garbage. Most products of this type decompose into organic material. UV GEL AND GEL TOP COATS If stored improperly or exposed to heat or sunlight, gel can harden. Place in sealed container for disposal. Dispose according to local, state, and federal regulations for hazardous products. Recycle container if possible.

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