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MARCH 2015 | NAILS MAGAZINE | 157 TRUE STORY: A REALLY HARD GEL DEMO "The only moment that actually made me stop and want to run away and hide was when I frst started teaching. They had really talked me up to the nail students, and everyone had really high expectations. I fgured I would introduce myself, then do a demo as an ice breaker. There was only one student there that night and she had been doing beautiful nails for years, and was just working on her license. I decided I was going to do a hard gel demo, and since I was fresh from intensive training, I fgured it would be simple. Unfortunately, I was using a product line I had never used including forms that wouldn't stick or stay where I put them. By the end it only kind of looked like I sculpted a gel nail on her fnger. She looked at me and said something along the lines of, 'Really? Not a great start here,' and I could have cried." Kathleen Shahan Wilmington, Del. DAMAGE CONTROL: "That is a difcult situation, and the way to deal with it is to persevere like the instructor did. However, something that could have been done at the time to help ease the situation was being honest with the students about the problems the instructor was having and talking about possible solutions. That would have created a good learning experience for the students and let them know that we all struggle from time to time. It also would have been a great visual reminder of why we have them practice the applications we teach repeatedly. This could have been prevented from happening by preparing for the demo by practicing with the product and the forms before trying to demonstrate with them. It would have allowed the instructor to identify those issues she struggled with before doing the demo, and she could have either worked them out or chosen a diferent medium to demo with that she would not have had a problem with." Sandy Borges Combs dean of education for Hand and Nail Harmony TRUE STORY: A "FLASHY" CLIENT "I was working as a nail technician and esthetician when I had an older client come in for a pedicure. She was well into her 80s and was quite talkative, but spacey at the same time. I mostly just smiled and nodded at the conversation because I couldn't really keep up; she would ramble from one topic to the next. The conversation drifted from her ability to work out to how she couldn't wear a bra. I asked her to explain why she couldn't wear a bra and she said, 'Because of this. Look!' I looked up and she had lifted up her entire shirt and exposed her breasts to me! I was mortifed, especially considering her pedicure chair was facing the hallway and anyone could have walked by and seen her. I quickly averted my eyes and all I could manage to muster was, 'Oh, I see!' She put her shirt back down and proceeded to explain to me that she'd had open heart surgery, which is why she couldn't wear a bra. Turns out she'd lifted up her shirt in order to show me her surgical scar and thought I'd be able to see it better. I quickly realized this was a misunderstanding and was relieved that I wouldn't have to fll out a harassment form or anything." Sara Goins Goodyear, Ariz. DAMAGE CONTROL: "Whenever someone talks about any of their 'private' areas, use caution. It's a red fag for one reason or another. One never knows where that conversation might go. By this tech's own admission the woman was elderly and 'spacey.' It's also important to know that we don't always need to ask a follow- up question. When the topic was mentioned about not being able to wear a bra it also could have been the time to just nod. Learning to read our clients is critical, and sadly, cannot be 100% right all the time. But that's where our listening skills come into play. Many techs are trying to build rapport and questions are important, but often they ask too many. So it's a double-edged sword. On the positive side of this story, it appears the tech was more embarrassed than the customer. It could have been worse!" Nancy Friedman Telephone Doctor customer service ( St. Louis >>> oh no!

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