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Buy Two Nail Lacquers .5 oz. (Suzi's Hungary AGAIN! and Passion), Get an Emery Board Block and Nail Clippers FREE! Nine hand-picked Avojuice fragrances to quench your skin's thirst for moisture! (9 x 1 oz. at a Special Price) LOW PRICE! Purchase One Sheer Tints .5 oz. (Be Magentale with Me), and One Nail Lacquer .5 oz. (Alpine Snow), Get Two Shimmer Dusts FREE! MARCH/APRIL PROMOS 1-800-727-1119 OPI Lacquers Over 200 iconic shades, offering two-coat coverage in a long-wearing formula. Infinite Shine 1) Prime 2) Lacquer 3) Gloss Expert Touch Lacquer Remover Strong enough to remove even the darkest shades without staining the nail or skin. Also removes OPI GelColor. RapiDry Top Coat Dries to a tough, long-lasting, non-yellowing, high-gloss shine in just minutes. RapiDry Spray Gives nail lacquer a smooth, hard, smudge-proof finish in just minutes. Fungus Fix A clinically-tested professional salon formula designed to help with unsightly nail problems. DripDry Dries lacquer in five minutes while treating cuticles to soothing jojoba and Vitamin E. Nail Treatments Natural Nail Strengthener Natural Nail Base Coat Ridgefiller High-Gloss Top Coat Matte Top Coat $4.95 $17.50 8.5 oz. 32 oz. OPI Avojuice Skin Quencher Lotions with smooth, rich moisturizers plus avocado and aloe extract. 24 HOUR HYDRATION New Formula & New Look! OPI GelColor features the latest advancements in gel polish technology. Each coat cures in just 30 seconds under LED and features a custom brush for fast, polish-on application. GelColor Add-On Kits Lacquer Thinner 2 oz. $4.75 $2.95 $7.95 $14.95 $52.50 4 oz. 16 oz. 32 oz. Gallon $5.95 $9.95 $49.95 2 oz. 4 oz. 32 oz. $6.75 $13.25 $30.95 .3 oz. 1 oz. 4 oz. OPI Titanium Tooling Crafted with high-quality 420 stainless steel and coated with lustrous, ultra-hard titanium for unsurpassed precision and corrosion-resistance! OPI Absolute Acrylic Intro Kit • smooth application • exceptional adhesion • bubble-free results .5 oz. $4.75 .5 oz. $14.95 $79.95 1 oz. $9.50 Nail Envy Nail Strengtheners • Original Formula • Soft & Peeling Formula • Dry & Brittle Formula .5 oz. $8.95 250-ct. $24.95 $24.95 .5 oz. $6.95 $24.95 EACH GelColor Base Coat GelColor Top Coat or GelColor Matte Top Coat .5 oz. $14.95 Each kit contains six .5 oz. GelColors. Choose from 14 available Add-On kits! Expert Touch Removal Wraps Expert Touch Remover Wrap Dispenser $49.95 AccuNip Titanium Cuticle Nipper $39.95 PusherPlus Titanium $24.95 Acrylic Powder .7 oz. $7.50 4.4 oz. $27.50 10.6 oz. $49.95 32 oz. $97.45 Acrylic Liquid 4 oz. $16.95 8 oz. $14.95 16 oz. $23.95 32 oz. $74.50 Gallon $199.95 OPI BondAid .5 oz. $4.95 1 oz. $7.95 4.2 oz. $24.95 OPI BondEx .25 oz. $7.95 File Edger Titanium $14.95 $ 1 SAVE .5 oz. $4.75 $3.75 .5 oz. $6.25 Your Choice $9.00 $9.00 $89.95 $7.95 TINT A DESIGN SprING TrImmINGS SprING oN ThE JuIcE! Includes One Sheer Tints .5 oz. (I Can Teal You Like Me), and One Nail Lacquer .5 oz. (Kyoto Pearl) LOW PRICE! $8.50 TINTS & TIpS! PRICES IN THIS AD VALID MARCH 1 THROUGH APRIL 30, 2015. WE ARE NOt RESPONSiBlE FOR tyPOgRAPhicAl ERRORS. All PRODUct iMAgES © 2015 OPI PRODUCTS, INC. Free shipping within contiguous USA on orders of $69 or more; excludes oversized items as noted online and in our catalog. Free shipping to canada on orders of $99 or more shipped in a single box weighing under 10 lbs.; excludes broker fee, taxes and duties. OPI GelColor Starter Kit $99.95 Everything needed to offer up to 80 full GelColor services! Six GelColors, Base Coat and Top Coat (.5 oz. each), BondAid .5 oz., Expert Touch Remover 4 oz., NAS99 Nail Cleansing Solution 4 oz., Remover Wraps 20-ct., Salon Mitt, Color Palette with Chain, OPI Cuticle Stick, Video OPI GelColor LED Light Cures OPI GelColors in 30 seconds without ever having to change a bulb! • 4-Setting timer • 6 7,000 Hour Lifetime OPI TruView LED Work Station Lamp Attaches to OPI GelColor LED light. Lasts 25x longer than traditional bulbs! $49.95 $299.95 Appearance of TruView Work Station Lamp with GelColor LED Light Attached SoFT ShADES GELcoLor SprING GELcoLor DuoS $5.00 oFF SELEcT opI pEDIcurE proDucTS SprING FLING! mini pack 4-ct. $7.50 pink & White Duo $9.00 Add-on Kit 6-ct. $79.95 pink & White Duo $24.95 SoFT ShADES retail Nail Lacquer Display 12-ct. $56.95 Includes color palette with chain. Look of crystal $12.50 NE W ! SAVE 50% SELECT LIQUIDS SAVE 25% 32 OZ. POWDER 3-ct. with Swarovski Crystals crystal Duo pack $24.95 2-ct. GelColor with Swarovski Crystals mATTE mATTE W/ FrEE GoLD or SILvEr AppLIquES DETAILS ON OUR WEBSITE! GelColor Mani/Pedi Kit Kit includes: • GelColor Base Coat (.5 oz.) • GelColor Top Coat (.5 oz.) • 4 GelColor Gel Lacquers (.5 oz.) • Chamomile Mint Scrub (4.2 oz.) • Chamomile Mint Massage (4.2 oz.) • Chamomile Mint Mask (4.2 oz.) • 20-ct. Remover Wraps • Blank Palette $5 SAVE

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