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40 | NAILS MAGAZINE | MARCH 2015 Just because you love doing something doesn't necessarily mean you're going to be good at it. That's what nail tech Joi Lambert discovered not long after she quit her job as a property manager in 2013 to attend nail school. "I realized early in my training that I wasn't the best at painting nails," says Lambert. "It was pretty discouraging and I didn't know what I was going to do. I worked in nail salons and practiced, but I found my skills were still below average. I knew I had to think of other options." The option she came up with was to develop her own gel-polish line called Purjoi Nail Studio. We asked Lambert to tell us more about how she created the line. What drew you to nails as a career in the frst place? Lambert: I think my passion started when I was in sixth grade. My teacher stopped at my desk, picked up my hand, and told me that I had the most beautiful hands and nails. I still remember her face and the feeling I had. Everything was about nails from that moment on. I still remember my frst nail polish — it was Wet N Wild. My father bought it for me. How did you go about developing the gel-polish? Lambert: I started by testing a big number of gel brands and making notes as to what I liked or disliked. I tested the gels and ranked their application and nail art capabilities. I ranked the removal and how long it took. After fne-tuning what I needed based on my expectations, my formula was created. It was a lot of work and a lot of sleepless nights. The entire process took me about a year. So what did you come up with? Lambert: I introduced 50 rich colors with a high-shine gloss that last up to two weeks. The formula is three-free and it removes easily in eight to 10 minutes. "Pur" describes the three-free aspect and the simplicity of the product. "Joi" is my name and the feeling I hope it delivers. What makes your product diferent? Lambert: My one-step formula was made to be thicker to provide easier applications and to apply nail art. I discovered that by providing a little thicker formula, users are able to achieve smooth, even layers — which is helpful for any level of painter. Do you still regret your inability to paint nails? Lambert: Yeah, it's big joke in my circle that I can't paint other people's nails and I get teased, but all in good humor. I'm proud to admit my faults and proud it didn't get in my way. I wanted to be in the nail industry — it just took me longer to fgure out where. For more information, go to Lambert From a basement gathering of 25 members in 1981 to an arena flled to its capacity of 25,000 in 2014, Jessica Vartoughian and the Japan Nail Association (JNA) have come a long way. In acknowledgement of that fact, Vartoughian was honored with the Japan Nail Association's Certifcate of Gratitude in November for her outstanding contributions to the Japanese nail industry. The founder of Jessica Cosmetics, Vartoughian has been a major force in professionalizing the industry in Japan by mentoring and training manicurists, salon owners, and management teams. She helped usher in color on nails, which was not culturally acceptable in Japan prior to her arrival. When accepting her award, Vartoughian expressed her gratitude for the JNA, saying, "Japan is very special to me because it was here that the JNA embraced the Jessica brand and my natural nail care system. It was very hard to be a woman business owner traveling in a foreign country and going against the trend, but at that time, when I looked out into the small audience, it was these 25 people who gave me the courage and the support to keep moving ahead. The support of the JNA, and their belief and respect for natural nails, kept me going. So year after year, I came back stronger and better and created a brand that I am so very proud of." Jessica Vartoughian Honored by Japan Nail Association What: Willamette Valley Nail Event When: Sunday, May 3 Where: Red Lion, Salem, Ore. Organizer: Kristen Dutcher Contact: What: Nail Tech Event of the Smokies When: Sunday, July 12 (optional workshops to be held Saturday and Monday) Where: Gatlinburg Convention Center, Gatlinburg, Tenn. Organizer: Jill Wright Contact: Upcoming Networking Event 20 } { nails file Those Who Can't Do, Invent

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