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48 | NAILS MAGAZINE | MARCH 2015 TECHNIQUE } 1 3 4 5 Black Diamond Manicure Couture nail designer and NAILS Next Top Nail Artist fnalist for 2013/14, Victoria Zegarelli, created this Black Diamond Manicure using LCN Base Coat, Bondique Black Diamond Gel, Ultra Shine Top Coat, and Super Shine Cleaner. "I have been using the Black Diamond Bondique by LCN for the past two years," says Zegarelli. "I love how versatile it is and it can accommodate any client who is looking for lasting results with the innovative strength of black diamonds." Black Diamond Bondique is a fexible resin gel that is designed to promote growth in weak or thin nails and provide extra protection to already healthy nails. It's a great foundation for nail art because it is a non-porous, solvent- free, non-toxic, non-yellowing biocompatible resin gel that is not afected when the color and art are properly removed, says the company. "I am slowly introducing this client (pictured) to alternative ways nail art can make her sparkle just a bit more," Zegarelli says. "I used a foil to create a crescent moon at the base of the nail, then outlined it in black to keep the foil line crisp. Swarovski crystals add just the right glam to make this Black Diamond Manicure pop." Follow these steps for a fun, sparkly design using LCN Black Diamond products. 1. Follow proper prep procedure to prepare nails for gel application making sure to dust and swipe nail plates to remove any particles. Apply a very thin layer of Base Coat over the entire nail keeping a 1-mm space away from the cuticle. Cure for two minutes in a UV lamp. 2. Apply a thin layer of Bondique Black Diamond on the nail by placing a small amount of the gel on the C-curve stress point area. Stretch and move thin amounts of the product out toward the sides keeping away from the cuticle, and cap the free edge. Cure for two minutes. Remove the inhibition layer. 3. Gently fle the nail surface to smooth out any imperfections keeping in mind the C-curve and the thickness of the product toward the cuticle. Dust to remove any particles. 4. Apply two coats of gel color, curing for the required time after each coat. Be sure the free edge is capped. 5. Create nail art at this time. Apply a layer of Ultra Shine top coat carefully leaving 1-mm of space around cuticles and capping free edge. Cure for two minutes. Finish by wiping the inhibition layer of with Super Shine Finish Cleaner. For more information, go to You can follow Victoria Zegarelli on Instagram at @nailbarlounge. >>>

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