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52 | NAILS MAGAZINE | MARCH 2015 Mia Secret Dual Clear UV Powder is ideal for nail techs who like to work with acrylic and gel systems. It can be mixed with other gel systems, gives strength to nails and structures, and can be used to sculpt 3-D nail art over artifcial nail surfaces. To strengthen nails, Dual Clear UV Powder can be sprinkled over nail tips covered with Mia Secret Acrygel or Formagel clear or pink builder gel. Sculpt 3-D nail art over any artifcial nail surface by combining Dual UV Powder with Gelux soak-of gel polish; the mixture will never dry until it's cured in a LED or UV lamp. This allows ample time to mold the 3-D nail art, and in the case of any mistake or needed change, the mix can be wiped of and reapplied. To see a demo, go to Simplify Sculpting with Mia Secret's Versatile New Dual Clear UV Powder Follow this quick step-by-step from nail tech Anna Mally of Las Vegas to create exotic snake eye nail art: 1. Prep the nail, apply a layer of soak-off base gel, and cure. Apply two layers of soak-off gel-polish in a dark shade. Cure each coat. Apply top coat and cure. Cleanse the nails. 2. Use gel-polish or any foil glue to draw a snake eye on an accent fnger. Cure it (if you use gel-polish) or let it dry (if you use foil glue). 3. Press gold transfer foil over the eye. 4. Use a black gel-polish to paint a pupil in the middle of the eye, and cure. Using white gel-polish, outline the sides of the black pupil, and cure. Apply a layer of soak-off base gel on the nails where you want to do the snake skin. Do not cure. 5. Use a dotting tool and green soak-off gel to apply dots on top of the wet gel base. Use a thin brush to draw an eyelid over the snake eye. Wait a few seconds for dots to soften and blur, then cure. 6. Apply a clear top coat, and cure. Snake Eye Tutorial 1 2 3 4 5 6

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