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72 | NAILS MAGAZINE | MARCH 2015 Mardi Gras Mask 1. Cover the nail with a green glitter polish. 2. With a fne-tipped brush and black paint, make crossing diagonal lines to create an outline for the diamonds. 3. Fill in alternating diamond shapes with black paint. 4. Using acrylic, sculpt a Mardi Gras mask and decorate it as you wish. Use clear acrylic to attach it to the nail. Seal with a clear top coat. Winking Leprechaun 1. Create the tip with multi-color sparkly gold acrylic. Fill the back with a sheer sparkly pink acrylic. 2. With a fne point detail brush, start painting the winking leprechaun with acrylic craft paint. Paint the basic shape of his face with a pale skin color. Add his beard and eyebrows using small brush strokes. Using the same skin color, paint his ear. 3. Using black paint, add his chin line, smile and pipe, nose, and one winking eye and the top of his open eye. Add a tiny bit of white to the outside of the open eye and dot on a blue iris with a dotter tool. 4. Paint the basic shape of the hat. Add the black trim and gold buckle. Create the four leaf clover with a dotter tool. Finish with a super shiny gel top coat and cure under a UV light. Jade Sewell, Just Nails, Great Falls, Mont. Lexi Martone, Finger Painted, Dix Hills, N.Y. PHOTOGRAPHY BY KIMBERLY PHAM nail art studio STYLE } Diamond Bling 1. File the nail to a round shape. On a nude base, paint a gold frame around the nail. 2. Apply foil and/or sparkle polish in gold and silver in diamond shapes as shown. 3. Using a fne detail brush, outline the frame and diamond shapes with black paint or polish. Seal with a clear top coat. Victoria Zegarelli, Nail Bar Lounge, Hauppage, N.Y. >>> (continued on page 93)

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