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Page 92 of 208 NAILSTYLE SPRING 2015 19 DEARGELISH Dear Gelish WE OFFER EXPERT ADVICE ABOUT NAIL ART, LAYERING COLOR AND MORE! Q: Monica Mazzeo Vaccarelli: Sometimes I get a thin line of gel under my nail when I cap the free edge. How can I prevent this from happening? A. This happens when the gel is being applied too thickly. With gel polish it is important to remember to always work in thin coats. This also applies when you are capping the free edge. Whether you are using Foundation, Gelish color or Top It Off cap free edge frst with a thin coat of product and then apply the product to the nail plate. Q: Jem Star Nails by Sonia: My Top It Off has started yellowing on the nails? Why is this happening? A. In order to maintain breathability and ease of removal, Gelish was developed as a porous formula. In the same way that air can penetrate your manicure so can chemicals from everyday items such as makeup, self-tanners and cleaning supplies. Sometimes these can cause a slight discoloration of the Top It Off. We recommend decreasing the direct contact of these chemicals. If you're applying makeup or self-tanner always wash your hands and remove excess product and be sure to wear gloves when working with house-hold cleaning chemicals. Q: Davinia Whu Chalkley: What is the difference between ProHesion and other acrylics? A. ProHesion is the new acrylic line from Hand & Nail Harmony, developed by CEO & Founder Danny Haile. The ProHesion Sculpting Powder was established with Cross Link Technology, which allows for total strength and durability for the client while also maintaining the ability to self-level in application for the technician. The ProHesion Nail Sculpting Liquid is an unparalleled monomer developed with optimized hybrid molecules that pair with the ProHesion Sculpting Powder for a faster setting application that maintains an ultimate bond to the natural nail. The best part, the system is formulated without harsh acid primers that can irritate your client's hands. Q: Gemma Perkins: What is the best way to apply glitters and Trends colors like Lots of Dots? I fnd I can't apply this in thin layers to get the dots spread evenly. A. While application techniques may vary between nail technicians, one of the most effective ways to apply glitter is what is commonly known as "The Dabbing Method". This method is exactly what it sounds like, instead of starting at the cuticle and pulling the product towards the free edge you will simply dab or press the glitter gel onto the nail plate. The Dabbing Method will allow you to decide the exact amount of coverage that you would like in your glitter manicure. Once you have dabbed your glitter into place be sure to smooth out the gel base of the color to ensure an even cure. As always, don't forget to cap the free edge..

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