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100 | NAILS MAGAZINE | MARCH 2017 Tammy Taylor's Purple Terminator Foot File can help you quickly combat your clients' toughest calluses. This sturdy, washable, double-sided file with notable handle support can be used on dry or wet feet and is easily disinfected. For more information, visit File This Under "Tough" With millions of patients who suffer from onychomycosis (nail fungus) becoming increasingly concerned with taking antifungal pills due to potential liver toxicity and side effects, micro-drilling may provide a solution. Podiatrists across the nation have started using the micro-drilling process to reach fungus at its source. Using the patented Clearanail drill with "controlled micro penetration," physicians are able to safely create micro pathways into a patient's toenail(s) with no pain or side effects. These pathways or pores help gain access for commonly prescribed topical medications. Dr. Ivan Bristow published a peer-reviewed article featuring Clearanail in the August 2016 issue of the Journal of Drugs and Dermatology stating that, "Nail keratin is harder than the epidermis of skin…downward (drill) counter pressure from the nail plate across the nail bed spreads antifungal solutions like Terbinafine 1% (OTC) even further." Early adopters of the technology — podiatrists from New York to California — are finding that the Clearanail treatment is a new beginning for those who may have tried everything to rid themselves of unsightly nail fungus. Dr. Annette Joyce, owner of Freedom Foot and Ankle, a private podiatry practice in Westminster, Md., was one of the first in the country to offer the Clearanail procedure. "Clearanail provides an alternative for my patients who have tried other fungal nail treatments — like lasers or even dreaded nail removal — and did not achieve desired outcomes," says Joyce. "Moderate to severe cases with very thickened nails find only a single treatment is necessary. Patients happily avoid drugs that might cause liver damage or adverse drug reactions." Clearanail is now available in podiatry offices and will be showcased nationwide in upcoming 2017 medical conferences, including DERMfoot and AAPPM. Both physicians and patients can learn more or find a Clearanail provider at High-Tech Help LED/ UV Nail Lamp 36 Watts • 5 Finger Cure NEW! For more information visit us at or call 1.800.354.6741 Cures UV & LED Products! The Dual Cure Lamp technology lets you choose between a UV or LED cure. So you can still use the UV and LED products you love, without purchasing multiple lamps! Over $64 in Products Just $119.95

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